10 Products We Love: Made in Georgia

10 Things We Love Made In Georgia

Georgia is known for many great things such as music, films, food, beautiful landscapes and southern charm. There are so many awesome things made in Georgia, it was hard to just keep this list to ten. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Stuff We Love, Made in Georgia

1. 1888 Mills Towels:  Their manufacturing is done in Griffin, GA – where it has been since 1888.  They also source American grown cotton for their “Made Here Collection”.  1888 Mills towels can be found with major retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.  Along with their goal of supporting local economy the company is also active in socially responsible production practices.  Every household needs towels and 1888 Mills provides soft, absorbent and high quality towels that you can feel proud about purchasing. www.1888mills.com

2. Coca-Cola: One of the most successful beverages, and brands was created in Atlanta, Georgia around 1886. Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton created caramel-colored liquid and mixed it with carbonated water. He took the mixture to a pharmacy for customers to try. The tasty beverage was sold for only five cents! The name Coca-Cola was coined by Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson. Coca-Cola became a global brand during World War II. Packaging plants were built in European countries to provide the soldiers with a token that reminded them of home. Today, Coca-Cola sells 1.7 billion beverages a day! www.coca-cola.com

3. Chick-fil-a: As you’re driving down the highway, you may see a billboard that reads, “eat mor chikin,” with a picture of a cow. The popular ads represent Georgia’s Chick-fil-a. Chick-fil-a is a unique, fast food restaurant. The restaurant maintains Southern charm, great food, and remains closed on Sundays. The phrase, “my pleasure,” is a unanimous gesture at any Chick-fil-a. The company is consistent with their product and service. Chick-fil-a is the second-largest fast food chicken restaurant in the United States. www.Chick-fil-a.com

4. Peaches: When Georgia’s on your mind, the first thing you may think of is a peach. Georgia is known for their sweet peaches. Lane Southern Orchards specializes in peach products. The company’s popular products are pickled peaches, cobbler mix, peach salsa, peach mix, peach barbeque sauce, Georgia cider. The Fort Valley company also provides visitors with farm tours, and is a great place for parties or weddings. www.lanesouthernorchards.com

5. Vidalia Onions: The state vegetable is the Vidalia onion. Vidalia onions are popular for their sweet taste. The vegetable is available from late April until mid-November. The term name ‘Vidalia onions’ was coined by tourists who visited the Vidalia Farmer’s market in search of the onions. The Vidalia Onion Brothers’ popular products are Vidalia onion relish, Vidalia sunset peach salsa, southern marinade, and onions of course. www.vidaliaonion.org

6. YKK Zippers: Have you ever checked you zipper and noticed the letters YKK? The letters stand for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha. The Japanese company changed their name to YKK after expanding their brand to several countries. The company has a manufacturing plant in Marietta, Georgia. The company is dedicated to providing consumers with high quality products, and great customer service. www.ykkamerica.com

7. Dalton Carpet: Dalton, Georgia is known as the ‘Carpet Capital of the World.’ Dalton Carpet is praised for providing high quality carpet with affordable prices. The company also specializes in hardwood floors, carpet cushioning, and synthetic astro turf. The company has been in business for more than 20 years, and has earned a 99 percent approval rating. www.daltoncarpet.com

8. Savannah Bee Company: Watch out Burt’s Bees! The Savannah Bee Company is a popular Georgia company that makes everything from honey to lip balm. The company was started in 2002, by beekeeper Ted Dunnard. The Savannah Bee Company sells more than 10 kinds of honey, body care products, and lip care. There are several retail stores around Savannah. Purchases can also be made online at www.savannahbee.com

9. Lay’s Chips: Herman Lay started his career selling potato chips out of his car. Lay became a salesman at Barrett Food Products Company in Atlanta, Georgia, and later bought the company for a distributing plant for his chips. Lays quickly became ‘America’s favorite chip.’ In 1961, Lays merged with Frito to become Frito-Lay. Today, Frito-Lay is responsible for 59 percent of the United States chip industry. www.lays.com

10. Cabbage Patch Kids: Cabbage Patch Kids have been on all of our wish lists at one point in time. Although they are no longer made exclusively in Georgia, the popular dolls were created in the mountains of North Georgia by Xavier Roberts. Roberts is responsible for creating one of the largest doll franchises in the United States. Babyland General Hospital, located in Cleveland, Georgia, is the “birthplace” of Cabbage Patch Kids. Tourists can visit Babyland General Hospital for free. www.cabbagepatchkids.com

Next time you’re using one of these products, make sure you have Georgia on your mind.

Stefanie Paupeck is a Communications Specialist at the Georgia Department of Economic Development. Ashley Jeter is a GDED intern. Let them know if you enjoyed their list and feel free to add to it in the comments below.

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  1. M P Lowe says:

    Georgia folk pottery from a long list of self-taught artists: Shelby West, Ronnie and Bhronda Payne, Steve Turpin, David Meaders, Charlie B. West, Wayne Hewell, Daniel and Sherrie Boone, Roger Corn, Mark Merritt and more. So many talented people. So much beauty.

  2. Love this list (and Georgia)! You forgot one company~Claxton Fruit cakes (they're actually good!)

  3. We have a barbecue sauce that we don’t know where we got, but it doesn’t have a label on it and we feel someone might have given this to us as a gift. The lid says “produced for the coca-cola company, Atlanta, Ga. Does anyone know how we can find this product? It is absolutely decicious.

  4. soooooooo true:)!!!! my mom makes barbeque sauce for a living it is soo goood! lol:)

  5. I love chic fil a!! Its one of my favorite “fast food” places.
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  6. Nothing so great ona grilled burger ss a sweet Vidalia Onion from Georgia!
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  7. I love Savannah Honey Bee stuff, especially their honey soap.
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  8. I love Vidalia Onions. Lots of great products made in Georgia.

  9. I love me some Coca-Cola and man… peaches be the bae!!

  10. carol clark says:

    i really didnt have a clue that coke was made in georgia never thought about it thats why its so good southern made

  11. Samantha says:

    I always wondered about those letters on zippers. :)

  12. I did not know that Frito-Lay is responsible for 59 percent of the United States chip industry. I love their products!
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  13. Don’t forget about Georgia Crafted – we curate the BEST Georgia has to offer from gourmet food to bath/body products to home goods, stationery, art, music and more! We offer Subscription Boxes, Gift Boxes and a full online store for you to build your own box!

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