Is the weather warm where you are too? Summer is here so we're focusing on sandals made in the USA. Here's our source list for American made flip flops, sport sandals, dressy and stylish sandals too.

The U.S. imports 97% of its footwear, so it can be difficult to find American made shoes, but hopefully you've seen our American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

Made In USA Sandals

Minimalist Earthing Sandals: Earth Runners

Earth Runners sandals are Eco-engineered minimalist earthing sandals, made in California. What are earthing sandals you ask? Our feet are the body's natural connection to the Earth. Earth Runners earthing sandal technology offers energy flow between the foot and the earth. Earth Runners feature grounded conductive lacing system™ to keep you secure and in tune with the earth’s natural rhythms–at every step. Inspired by the ancient Tarahumara huarache running sandals, Earth Runners combine the timeless unisex design with the barefoot benefits of grounded earthing shoes. Earth Runner running sandals recreate that one-of-a-kind primal experience of running or hiking barefoot, while minimizing risk of injury to your feet. These American made sandals are perfect for all of your outdoor adventures.

American made sandals: Earth Runners minimalist earthing sandals #usalovelist #madeinUSA

American Made Sandals & Flip Flops for Women: The Ultimate Source List

This list is always growing, so check back often. If you have a favorite American made sandal or flip flop brand that you don't see on our list, let us know in the comments and we will add it.

  • Bedrock Sandals minimalist sandals for men & women are designed for outdoor adventures and made in California
  • Chaco  sandals and flip flops are made for trail, water, and anything in between.What I love about them is that I can walk in them all day and feel supported and comfortable. Lucky for us, the custom pair of Chaco's are assembled in the USA – the other styles are not. Order your custom pair online – you pick the color of the sole, the pattern and style of the straps, and even other same details including the color of the stitching. Chaco is making the custom pairs to celebrate its 25th anniversary and each pair is made in Rockland, Michigan.

American Made Durable Sandals | Customizable via MyChacos

  • Gurkee's rope sandals are made in West Virginia. They offer any array of colors and styles.Made in USA sandals: Gurkee's sandals #usalovelisted #madeinUSA
  • Earth Runners  minimalist earthing sandals are made in California and offer the ultimate minimalist sandal experience. Learn more about Earth Runners sandals at the top of this post. 

Earth Runners made in USA minimalist earthing sandals #usalovelisted #sandals

  • Island Slippers produces more than 80 styles for women and men, all featuring comfort and durability in looks that range from flip-flops to fashion. All its sandals are made in Hawaii.American made flip flops: Island Slipper #madeinHawaii #usalovelisted
  • Kino Sandals are handmade using natural leather straps and natural rubber soles. The are assembled and glued at the company's factory in Key West, Florida.
  • LUNA Sandals minimalist sandals for women, men, and kids are made in Seattle, Washington.
  • mohop is an eco-friendly footwear company specializing in interchangeable sandals that allow nearly infinite design options with just one pair of soles. One-of-a-kind, custom-fit sandals can easily be created by simply lacing any ribbon or fabric tie in Mohop’s patented sole. Mohop also manufactures faux leather and faux suede fashion sandals, all made in IllinoisAmerican made sandals: Mohop #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #fashionsandals
  • myAnatech I really love these made in USA sandals! They are unbelievably comfortable. I have the Huda sandals and have worn them on an hour long walk without having my feet hurt. The sandals are supportive and still stylish enough to wear with any outfit. Made in California.
  • OKAb sandals, flip flops, and slip ons are designed and manufactured just outside metro Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. Offering signature styles for women, men and children, OKA b. shoes are available at specialty retailers, spas, resorts and boutiques nationwide.
  • Okabashi made in USA flip flops are 100% recyclable, vegan, and designed with superior foot support and a massaging insole. They are anti-microbial and dishwasher safe. These flip flops are available in several styles & colors and are made in Georgia.American made sandals: Okabashi #usalovelisted #madeinUSA
  • Shamma Sandals minimalist running sandals are made in California
  • The Sbicca Brand was originally founded by the Sbicca family in their home in Philadelphia.  The family began producing footwear in the USA in 1920 and moved their thriving business to California following World War II. Please Note: Not all Sbicca sandals are American made, read labels and descriptions carefully!
  • Telic sandals and flip flops are described as “recovery sandals” that absorb shock and bounce back. Molded, colorful, available in a variety of styles for men and women, this Idaho based company uses two family owned American manufacturing facilities. Slides and Croc-style clogs/mules are also available.
  • Unshoes minimal sport sandals are made in the USA

To make your American made shoes even more comfy, try Piggy Pillows' flip flop insoles or American-made soft gel foot cushions from Body and Sole Comfort.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. Cover photo courtesy of Earth Runners, American made sandals.


American made sandals and flip flops for women