8 Hairstyles for Music Festivals, and the Made in USA Products To Give You The Look

8 summer hairstyles with tips, products and style ideas | festival hairstyles | American made beauty

Music festivals go on all summer long and inspire countless fashion and beauty trends.  Most of the looks will be effortless Boho, but a little rocker edge and glam girl always show up too. Festival or no festival, enjoy the vibe and get the look with our 8 favorite hairstyles for music festivals this season.  We have listed the key Made in USA styling product for each look.

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Music Festival Hairstyles We Love


Keep it sleek with Not Your Mother’s Smooth Moves Frizz Control Cream.  Lightweight and leaves hair silky smooth.  The infusion of coconut and silk extracts keep everything tame and smelling like perfection.


If you have some curl to your hair use Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Cream to separate and boost curls.  If you barely have a wave to your hair spritz on blowpro Beach Pro Texturizing Mist and let it air dry, twist a few sections for extra wave.


This a great option for a “no hair wash” day.  Spray TREsemme Fresh Start dry shampoo to revive the volume, loosely braid and secure.


Start with spraying a leave in product like Desert Essence Hair Defrizzer & Heat Protectant – this provides a moisture coat to protect from the drying sun rays while it smoothes.  Secure it with pins and finish with Alterna Anti-Humidty Hair Spray to define all your whispy hairs.


Use Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy to polish this classic hair style off.  It has many purposes buy it tames fly-aways like nobody’s business.


Some Verb Volume Spray will expand your hair strand and keep it pliable with a touch of hold.  Your braids will look full and last without being stuck to your head and flat.


Use New York Streets Hair Repair for easy prep and maintenance.  It will tame frizz, protect from damage by strengthening it without being heavy.  This is effortless, spritz, braid and go.


This hair accessory (Get a vintage look a-like at American Apparel) is a hairstyle.  Effortless, timeless and perfect for a day in the sun.

We’ve seen the mother of all music festivals, Coachella, come and go for this year.  The summer music festivals list is long. Try getting out to support one of your local events.  Soak up the culture, try some festival styles, and enjoy.

8 summer hairstyles for festivals | American made hair products

Is there a music festival in your summer plans this year? Let us know where and when.

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  1. Beachy waves all the way. On the other hand, if I never saw another top knot on a woman, I’d be fine.
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  2. Nothing is easier than a messy top knot. Plus, it’s so effortlessly chic!
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  3. Robin Wilson says:

    These are all great styles. I guess my favorites are the Beach Waves and Messy Bun. I don’t care for styles that are so polished with no hair out of place. Wouldn’t make much since for any outdoor festival I don’t think.

  4. Wow ! this is great post, i will definitely back and read again…

  5. With Firefly coming up in just a month, I will have to share these with my daughter!
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  6. I’d like to try a few of these ideas, and the products, too! I’m doing the wide-headband thing, which means I don’t know what to do with my hair right now, kind of in-between! Nice to know the products made in USA to check out!

  7. This post is so much fun and tempts you to try something new! I’d love to try beach waves, and knowing the nice products to use and made in USA makes it a must!

  8. Tamra Phelps says:

    All the styles look great. Sometimes I just have to laugh at some of the photos of celebrities at these music festivals. They clearly want to look very boho but the look is so ‘put together’ —the very opposite of bohemian.

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