USA Love List has reached out to various makers and scoured the Internet to find over 40 sources of men’s jeans made in USA. The list includes men’s denim jeans of various weights, colors, cuts, and styles. We’ll help you choose the best fit for you.

American Made Jeans for Men

When I wrote the USA Love List article about the best women’s jeans made in America, I shared a story about my mom buying me a great pair of made-in-the-USA jeans. Now that I’m talking about the men, I distinctly recall my dad wearing good ole’ Wrangler Jeans to work. Being a blue-collar worker, he would don his warm, thick denim along with his work boots and jacket, and off he would go, metal lunch pail in hand.

My dad owned only a couple of pairs of jeans because he didn’t have to own more. These jeans were solid. They were made of denim woven in the United States, thick but soft, and they held up for months and months. After getting washed and dried, either my dad or mom would iron them, smoothing out the few wrinkles and ironing a nice crease from thigh to ankle.

If you want these same soft but durable jeans today, you can no longer buy quality Wrangler, Lee, or Levi’s because these brands are no longer made in the USA. They are no longer the same quality as they once were, either.

However, you can still find American-made men’s jeans. I happily discovered over 40 different sources of jeans for men. That’s a lot of jeans!

Why Buy USA-Made Men’s Jeans

Here are a few quick reasons for buying made-in-the-USA men’s jeans.

  1. Designers and crafters pay attention to the details. You’re not buying one of ten thousand pairs of the same jeans. These are handmade from beginning to end.
  2. These makers love what they do, and they make a fair wage when they do it. You don’t have to worry about your jeans coming from a sweatshop.
  3. These jeans are made from the best denim on the market.
  4. They will last you a very long time if you care for them.
  5. You don’t have to wait on your jeans to be unloaded from a cargo ship.
  6. Customer service is the best. Try finding great customer service in the big box stores or even at your local Buckle or Abercrombie retailers.

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Price of American-Made Men’s Jeans

You’ll find jeans that run in price anywhere from $60 to over $300. The higher prices usually involve sourcing the absolute best denim fabric on the planet, boutique-style service, and custom-made jeans. Spend as little or as much as you want. Some of these jeans cost less than the so-called “designer” jeans that come from overseas. Others are actually better.

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Keep reading to discover over 40 sources of men's jeans made in USA!

Types of Men’s Jeans

Since the invention of American jeans in the 1870s, these utilitarian pants have evolved to include different weights and even fabric blends. Denim jeans originally were made for the outdoor working man to keep him warm in harsh elements and to last for a very long time.

Today’s jeans include these original dungarees and more. Since men can now wear jeans in just about any context, including a few formal occasions, these versions vary in fit, rise, cut, and the body type the jeans are made for.

Fit: Fit refers to how the jeans fit your body in the seat and thigh. Look for words such as slim, regular, skinny, and classic.

Rise: Rise refers to how long the jeans are from the waistband to the crotch. Think about high-rise, low-rise, and loose jeans.

Cut: This term references the width of the jean legs. Consider tapered or skinny jeans, straight jeans, boot-cut, or wide-leg jeans.

Body Type

To find a pair of well-fitting jeans, you will need to know your waist size and inseam. Your inseam is the length of your pant leg from the crotch seam down to the bottom of the pant. While off-the-rack jeans come only in a few certain lengths, many of our made-in-the-USA selections offer either hard-to-find lengths, or they’ll hem your jeans to your specified length.

Some fits and cuts fit some body types better than others. For example, straight-leg jeans with a low rise fit nicely on a thin body. The man with a slim waist and muscular legs has a bit more choice, but he can choose slim-fit jeans with straight legs or boot cuts. Someone with broad shoulders and bigger legs should choose regular fit jeans with a little wider leg. The plus-size man should choose high-rise jeans to flatten the midsection. Shorter guys can look for mid-rise, straight-leg jeans that elongate the leg.

Other Jeans Terms

You’ll find words in our descriptions about the denim itself. While I haven’t strayed from denim fabric (as opposed to twill or corduroy), not all the offerings are 100% cotton denim. These days the cotton is blended with a small amount of flexible fabric.

If you’re a “denimhead,” meaning you’re a connoisseur of denim, you already know some of the other terms, but for those of us who don’t, allow me to highlight other descriptors of our jeans:

Selvage/Selvedge: Selvage/Selvedge refers to the finished edge of the denim fabric. A selvage edge is finished in such a way that the fabric won’t unravel. Many of our selections offer selvage jeans.

Raw Denim: Raw denim is denim that has not undergone any processing or treatment. This denim comes straight off the looms. The longer you wear raw denim jeans, the better it shapes and forms to your body. Raw denim requires special care. For some men, raw denim is the only way to go.

Weight: The weight of the denim is how heavy the fabric is. Lightweight denim is more appropriate for summer wear, while heavier weights are good for cooler weather and outdoor work.

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USA Textile Mills

I can happily report there are two (maybe three?) American mills currently manufacturing denim, and that’s Vidalia Mills in Louisiana and Mt. Vernon Mills in Georgia. Vidalia Mills is located in a former Fruit of the Loom distribution center. This company practices sustainability in its efforts to make its denim on reconditioned looms made in the 1960s. These looms take about two hours to create enough fabric for a pair of jeans. Vidalia Mills also relies on environmentally friendly cotton grown within 500 miles of its facility. Brands such as Imogene + Willie, Left Field NYC, Raleigh Denim, Todd Snyder, and Marine veteran-owned Trinidad3 source much of their denim fabric from Vidalia Mills. Read about these companies in our list below.

Mt. Vernon Mills, in the small town of Trion, Georgia, has a similar story. This mill makes great denim fabric, including fabric for making flame-resistant fabric. Texas Jeans confirmed with me this is where they get their fabric for making their jeans.

Cone Mill Denim kept popping up in my search, which is the name of an American denim mill that closed, and apparently, a small not-for-profit re-opened it. I emailed the company and asked for further clarification on whether or not it's still open in North Carolina, and if so, where its denim is made. As of this writing, I have not received a response.

Other popular mills from where American jeans makers source their denim include mills in Italy and Japan. These mills offer exceptional denim fabric.

What’s the Fuss about Japanese Denim?

I will always cheer on our USA textile industry, especially those who are hanging on for dear life to make denim fabric on American soil.

But I couldn’t help but notice that some of the more expensive brands of men’s jeans highlight Japanese denim. Of course, I had to dig into finding out what’s so special about it.

Many articles support the idea that while many countries focus on making fabric quicker and cheaper, Japan takes the long road to make fine fabrics with age-old techniques. Japan is notoriously known for weaving its denim fabric on antique looms, creating some of the best selvage denim in the world. This country also uses traditional, natural dyeing techniques as opposed to using synthetic dyes

A number of men’s jeans made in the USA sources denim from Japan in order to achieve this quality. I’ve tried to specify where the denim comes from with each brand’s description.

Men's Jeans Made in the USA

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