How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Three Tips For How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Do you wear lots of black? Do you feel like your outfits seem to look the same everyday? If you’re like me, you might answer “yes” to both questions. Follow these three tips for how to wear a scarf to update your look for any season.

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How to Wear a Scarf: Three Tips To Update Your Look

1. Use a scarf to create the focal point of your outfit.

2. Pick a bold, fun, pattern that pairs well with neutral colors.

3. Pick a style that adds volume where you want it.

Jubilee Couture infinity scarf | Made in USA


Italian Silk scarf by JCrew | Made in USA


  • If you want to elongate your look, try a long rectangular scarf that can be draped across your shoulders or worn around the neck and wrapped around multiple times. Try: NOMA Hand Dyed Scarf (only dyed in the USA, not knitted here)

NOMA hand dyed scarves


Looking for some ideas on how to tie a scarf? Watch my favorite video for instructions.

Simple Tips For Wearing Scarves


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  1. I love to wear scarves to change up my look. I have so many, they have their own laundry basket in the closet! I really like the Lesley Evers Lilian Scarf — very elegant!
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  2. I love this post! I have quite a few scarves, and I’m always looking for ways to wear them that is attractive on me.

  3. I love scarf. you can create a lot of different outlooks with just one small addition – a nice scarf

  4. I like scarves and have a few, but I’m not very good at knowing how to wear them.

  5. I love wearing scarves all year long! I really like that ANAÏS LONG INFINITY SCARF! It’s so pretty!

  6. Great ideas. My mother wears a scarf daily. I will show this to her. Maybe give her some new ideas. Thanks.

  7. The Ash & Anchor’s Anais Long Infinity Scarf is perfect for spring!
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  8. The Italian Silk Scarf in Paisley from JCrew is so pretty!
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  9. Just a scarf enough to make a point for the costume.

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