10 Things We Love Made In Rhode Island

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Rhode Island is the state in which I was born and raised, and though I now live in Connecticut, I still consider myself a true Rhode Islander. That’s why I had a lot of fun pulling together a list of things made in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is so small that you can drive through it top to bottom in less than an hour (if you are lucky enough to miss rush hour and beach traffic). To a Rhode Islander, driving more than 15 minutes to get anywhere is “too far” and usually only done on special occasions. Because of its small size, it is not unusual to meet a fellow Rhode Islander, while on vacation and in a different state, only to find out that they dated a cousin, or that they in fact are a cousin. And every Rhode Islander has met at least one person that thinks Rhode Island is an island off of New York.

All joking aside, Rhode Island has been a key manufacturing hub for the United States since the late 1700s. At times in history, Rhode Island topped the nation in the manufacturing of textiles, silverware and machine tools and the world in the manufacturing of jewelry. Times have been hard over the years and many companies have gone out of business or left Rhode Island to relocate to another state or over seas. However, there are still many companies that have remained or chosen Rhode Island as their place to call home. With out any further ado, here are…

10 things we love made in Rhode Island

Del’s Lemonade

Since 1948 Del’s Frozen Lemonade has been cooling off Rhode Islanders, and today Del’s Lemonade has franchises world wide.  Tip: The true way to  enjoy a Del’s is NOT with a straw! Simply squeeze the sides of the green and white cup and let the frozen lemony goodness slip into your mouth- and more than likely all over your face, but in Rhode Island, that’s how it’s done!

Coffee Syrup

Coffee syrup is used to make coffee milk, the official state drink. Rhode Islanders LOVE their coffee, so much that coffee milk was invented specifically so children could enjoy it! There are 3 brands of coffee syrup that are made in Rhode Island, and Rhode Islanders are very loyal to their favorite brand. Autocrat coffee syrup has been made in RI since the 1800s. Eclipse coffee syrup came out in the 1930s and is now owned by Autocrat. Dave’s Coffee all natural cold brew coffee syrup is the baby of the three and comes in mocha and vanilla flavors as well.


With over 400 miles of coast line found in a state that’s only about 48 miles long and 37 miles wide, Rhode Island isn’t nicknamed “The Ocean State” for nothing! Lobster, quahogs/little necks, sea scallops and mackerel are just some of the many seafood products found off the coast of Rhode Island. The fishing and seafood industry in the state is one economic area that has been growing over the past years.  The seafood industry provides an estimated 5,000 jobs and brings in about $150 million in annual sales, according to eco RI news.

Kenyon’s Grist Mill’s Johnny Cake and Clam Cake & Fritter mixes 

Located in Usquepaugh, Kenyon’s Grist Mill has been grinding meals and flours in Rhode Island since 1696. You have never had real Johnny cakes (griddle cooked white cornmeal cakes) or clam cakes (no comparison to clam fritters found in other states) until you have had some made with Kenyon’s Mill products!

Duparquet Copper Cookware

Duparquet Copper Cookware is handmade in East Greenwich and was recognized as  a Martha Steward American Made Design Finalist in 2014 and 2015. Duparquet copper pans and bowls are thick, durable, and are crafted to last for generations.

Alex and Ani Jewelry

Alex and Ani jewelry was founded in 2004 by Rhode Island native Carolyn Rafaelian. Alex and Ani jewelry is handmade in Cranston, Rhode Island from sustainable materials.

Farmaesthetics natural skincare products

Farmaesthetics skincare products are made from organic, sustainable ingredients that are sourced from Rhode Island farms, and farms across America. The Farmaesthetics flagship store is located in Newport, Rhode Island.

Colonial Mills braided rugs

Colonial Mills Inc has been making braided rugs in Rhode Island for over 30 years. Their beautiful rugs can be found for sale all over the country and are even available at Kohls.

Tipsy Skipper earrings

Tipsy Skipper is a line of shoes and accessories with headquarters based in Rhode Island. All of the Tipsy Skipper products are made in the USA, and their line of nautical themed earrings are made in Rhode Island.

JJ Weston cufflinks and accessories for men

JJ Weston manufactures all of their cufflinks, key rings, money clips and tie accessories in Rhode Island. Even their gift boxes are American made!

Things we love made in Rhode Island

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  1. The Kenyon’s Grist Mill’s Johnny Cake and Clam Cake & Fritter mixes sound wonderful!
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  2. Phil Nemirow says:

    Awful Awfuls!

  3. Jennifer Adams says:

    Great list! My only problem is the dimensions you gave Little Rhody. Rhode Island is only 37 miles east/west and 48 north/south.

  4. Kim Hawkins says:

    As a native Rhode Islander myself, I’ve gotta say two things:

    It never even occurred to me to drink a Del’s with a straw. Bend-n-slurp is the only way.

    Having transplanted to NY 13 years ago, I miss Autocrat coffee syrup more than anything else. Anytime an old friend comes to visit, I demand that they bring at least a couple bottles.

    • A friend of mine was on vacation in another state and said she was so excited to find a Del’s vendor. However, she had to set them straight when they offered her a straw with her order!! 🙂

  5. You forgot about G.I. Joes and Mr. Potato Head considering they are made by Hasboro and are based in Rhode Island.

    • Hi Derrick, I wanted so badly to include Hasbro in my list!! However, though based in Rhode Island, Hasbro currently does not manufacture anything in the state. Mr. Potato Head moved to China years ago. Hasbro has recently stated they will bring some manufacturing back to the US, and hopefully they start in Rhode Island!

  6. Deb Noonan says:

    N.Y. System Hot Weiners

  7. Jennifer Gleason says:

    My family is from RI but we have pretty much all moved out but we would come back as a family and rent a house on BI every year. One year, we decided to do an all day RI food day. So, before getting on the ferry, we picked up Saugies, strip pizza and bought clam cakes (which my non RI brother-in-law calls clam “balls”), coffee syrup and Dell’s Lemonade. I don’t know if Saugies and strip pizza are only RI but that’s the only place that I have seen them and eaten them. We are going to make it an annual thing now. Good memories. Next time, we should add NY System Hot Weiners but I think it would be too far out of the way to get.

  8. Tracy Burmeister says:

    Alex & Ani? 🙂

  9. Gregg’s cakes,pies,cupcakes,cheesecakes,biscotti !
    With milk delivered by Monroe Dairy. 🙂

  10. Tracey Hanson says:

    Hi Kelsey!
    Some Rhode Island desserts are:
    Coffee Cabinets http://drink.betterrecipes.com/rhode-island-coffee-cabinet.html
    Doughboys http://www.cooks.com/recipe/sw6fa83u/rhode-island-doughboys.html
    or make anything with coffee syrup in it http://www.autocrat.com/Recipes
    Hope that helps you some!

  11. You missed Alex and Ani jewelry, alsomade in RI — one of my faves!
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  12. Hello I am the CEO of Fazoli’s International and I would like to ask if any of you have been to a Fazoli’s in Rhode Island. Secondly I would like to know how it compares to Fazoli’s in other states, if you have been to one of those. A goal of mine would be to create even service for all of the restaurants under the great name of Fazoli’s, thank you for your feedback.

  13. I haven’t been there personally but my friends love this place.

  14. Heather Coard says:

    Cross Pens were out of Lincoln, RI. I don’t know if they are any longer???

  15. Kiel James Patrick brand is made in USA Rhode Island.

  16. Tamra Phelps says:

    The Colonial Mills Braided Rugs sound like something I’d like. I had never heard of coffee milk! I need to check that out, too.

  17. We haven’t been to Rhode Island since kids. The seafood is wonderful. I’d love to have one of these Colonial Mills braided rugs.

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