Whether you simply want to keep your furry friend off your human furniture or want to ensure quality rest for your favorite canine, shop for the best dog beds made in the USA.

Our list of American-made dog beds ensures a safe, durable space for your dog to sleep, giving you peace of mind and restful sleep for Fido.

American Made Dog Beds

The best dog beds made in the USA don’t come off of an assembly line. Each one is made with attention to detail. The makers give careful consideration to the design and safe materials so your dog experiences the comfort he or she deserves.

American-made dog beds are also more durable than others, ensuring both you and your pet year-after-year quality and reliability you can trust.

Most American-made dog bed companies are founded by mutual dog lovers who started out wanting something specific for their furry friends. After cracking the code on their own needs, they then share their knowledge with the marketplace. This means they care about your dog’s well-being.

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Two final reasons for choosing dog beds made in the USA include customer service and fair wages. You receive great customer service (not a robot or someone simply reading off a script!), an important quality if you have questions or concerns.

Finally, buying USA-made keeps American workers employed, and they receive fair wages in safe working conditions. Many of these employees are part of a smaller team in a family-like setting.

What to Look for in an American-made Dog Bed

Dog beds come in a variety of types, styles, and materials. The kind of bed you choose depends on your dog’s size, age, and whether or not he/she has a medical condition such as hip dysplasia. Each USA company’s website offers insights and tips on helping you choose the type and style for your dog. If you still can’t decide, the companies provide great customer service to assist you.

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Types of Dog Beds

Look for a type of bed specific to your dog’s physical needs or sleeping style.

PVC Dog Bed: A PVC dog bed usually is a cot-style design with its frame made from polyvinyl piping. You may or may not choose to place a covered cushion on top of this bed, as the mat is made from strong, durable cot material fabric such as vinyl or nylon.

Crate Dog Bed: If you crate your dog, you can buy a quality mat that fits comfortable inside it.

Metal Bed: A metal bed is similar to the PVC dog bed but made from high-quality aluminum with secured joints.

Covered Cushions: Look for cushions or pillows stuffed with high quality human-grade foam or orthopedic foam. Also look for a removable cover that’s machine washable.

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Cushion Styles

The type of cushion you choose depends on your dog’s size, age, and whether or not he/she has a medical condition such as hip dysplasia. These styles include:

  • Cot-Style Design
  • Cushion or Pillow
  • Donut Style
  • Sofa
  • Mat

Many of these styles come with side bolsters that keep your pet’s spine aligned while also helping anxious dogs feel more secure.

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Avoid beds made with harmful chemicals such as metals, flame-retardant spray, or phthalates. Also, avoid materials that can be chewed and ingested. A USA-made dog bed is made with one or more of the following long-lasting, safe materials:

  • Organic cotton
  • PVC pipe or aluminum tubing
  • Microfiber
  • Polyfoam filling made from human-grade foam
  • Water-resistant cover

Whenever you choose a bed, make sure your USA dog beds are the right size. Whether your own smaller dogs or big dogs, smaller breeds like toy poodles or large breeds like great danes, a bed that fits your dog is the best choice.

Dog Beds and the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires dog beds (and toys) manufactured in the United States to include a tag that discloses the materials used to make the products, including the stuffing. The FTC also requires these companies to adhere to the Textile, Wool, and Fur Acts and Rules requirements.

Best Dog Beds Made in USA

Do you know of an American company that makes dog beds in the USA not listed? Leave a comment below, and we'll check it out! As always, thanks for shopping made in the USA.

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