You read that correctly – American built car… the Toyota Highlander, is made here. Toyota moved some of its production to the States. While Toyota is not an American owned company, it has factories in Indiana. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about purchasing an American built car from Toyota.

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2014 Toyota Highlander Reviewed

Stylish Attributes

  • The Toyota Highlander is built in Princeton, Indiana.
  • The vehicle is a nice mix of being spacious enough, with three rows of seats, without feeling like a massive SUV, like the Tennessee-built Nissan Pathfinder.
  • I really love the keyless entry feature. Don't worry – it won't let you lock your keys in the car either!
  • I'm loving the air conditioned and heated seats. Regardless of the season, I know I'd use both settings year around.
  • The safety features are unparalleled.
    • If you're about to switch lanes it will beep loudly to let you know there's a car close and not to change lanes. (Unlike the Jeep Overland, however, it doesn't make any noise alerts if you're about to side swipe someone.)

Not So Stylish Attributes

  • This isn't really a ding, but the Highlander is lower to the ground than other vehicles in its class, like Jeeps. It has the advantage of being easy to get in and out of, but when you're driving it, you feel lower to the ground.

Overall, I really loved driving it!

Image Credit: Toyota