The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill deregulated hemp growing and made CBD production legal in the United States. CBD production in the US has been growing rapidly since, and companies are popping up that offer CBD oil products for beauty, health….and pets. 

What is CBD? 

CBD is short for cannabidiol and it is a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant. It does not have psychoactive effects like its cousin THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is found in high concentrations in marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana contain CBD, but it is extracted from the hemp plant because hemp has a higher concentration of it. The hemp plant contains a small concentration of THC, but not enough to get a “high” feeling from. CBD can only be used for production legally if it contains less than .03% THC.  Because of the possibility of even a minute percent of THC in a product, some places restrict the sale of CBD products to those over 18 years of age. 

Is CBD safe for pets? 

First of all, your pet's veterinarian's advice should be sought before giving any CBD product to your pet. We do not give medical advice, and the Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the medical benefits statements. 

CBD oil is safe to use as a supplement to your pets' daily regime. It has been shown to have the same effects on animals as it has on humans. It has shown to relieve anxiety, soothe aching joints due to age, help with appetite loss, and more in animals of all sizes. The side effects are minimal and include a feeling of calm with increased appetite. The difference in CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for pets is the dosage size.  The dose varies on the size of the animal. 

CBD for Pets:  A Made in USA CBD Pet Products Source List

  • CBDfx CBD oil for pets is made from American grown hemp and is available for all pets in three different concentrations; the 150 Series for small dogs (20lbs or less), cats, and small pets, the 300 series for medium size dogs, and the 600 series for dogs who weigh over 60lbs. Learn more about CBDfx CBD oil for pets at the top of this article. 

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  • cbdMD manufactures pet oil drops for cats, dogs, and horses. These drops are 100% organic, US grown and processed, gluten-free, vegan and human grade.

Just CBD Just Pets CBD infused cat treats and dog treats are produced in the USA.

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JustCBD for Pets - CBD Hemp Extract Oil for Pets - Tuna Flavor - 25% off discount code USALOVE. - Made in USA CBD Products
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  • Koi Pets CBD chews and pet spray are natural and American made. 
  • Medterra Pets CBD tinctures and soft chews are made in USA.  The tinctures are available in different flavors. 
  • Nuleaf Naturals Pet CBD Oil full spectrum hemp oil extract is made from US grown organic hemp. It is available in 300mg, 900mg, and 1800mg and is for cats, dogs, horses, and more.

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  • Veggimins makes a Nano Hemp Extract 300mg for pets. I have always trusted this brand for its high-quality ingredients and this product is no exception. My cat loved this extract and was incredibly relaxed after I gave her the appropriate dose based on her weight.

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Best CBD for Pets: Made in USA CBD Products. Is CBD safe for pets? #cbd #pets #usalovelisted

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