Guests will be arriving in minutes and the house looks like a hurricane just blew through it. Even if every room was spotless hours before, kids, pets, and, well, life in general, all have a way of making it look like nothing was accomplished.  Don't stress!  Here is a list of American made products that I rely on to clean house in a flash when company is on their way.

Have a clean house in a flash using these American made products

Scott's Liquid Gold Dust 'n Go for cleaning up in a flash #madeinUSA
Scott's Liquid Gold Dust ‘n Go I dust every room in my home on a regular basis. However, dust accumulates quickly and I always have Scott's Liquid Gold Dust ‘n Go disposable dust wipes on hand for ‘company is coming' emergencies.  In minutes, I wipe smudges and juice rings off the coffee table,  dust off the end tables, and remove fingerprints off of the bonded leather furniture in the living room. In the kitchen, wooden chairs are wiped clean of the kiddo's lunch remnants. No wetness or oily residue is left behind, so guests won't notice the recent touch ups.  Dust ‘n Go wipes are durable, so one wipe goes a long way. Oh, and the almond scent is FABULOUS!

Slack Dust Mop catches dust bunnies in a flash! #madeinUSA
Slack Dust Mop My mom had a dust mop for her hardwood floors when I was growing up.  When the hubby and I replaced all the carpeting in our house with laminate flooring, I went on the hunt for a dust mop of my own.  I was happy to find the Slack Dust Mop, which is made in Vermont from genuine wool. This dry mop is the best dust bunny catcher ever- especially when I don't have time to drag out the vacuum.

Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash- cleans wood, simulated wood, linoleum, and tile in an instant! #madeinUSA
Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash After I chase the dust bunnies out of my house with the dust mop, I spray Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash on any sticky, and visibly dirty spots I find on my laminate flooring. With a wipe of my rag, the floor looks freshly cleaned. I also use Wood Wash to remove greasy finger prints from the kitchen cabinets. Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Wash works well on tile, linoleum, and porcelain too.

Green Works non wood cleaning wipes #madeinUSA
Green Works Cleaning Wipes
For quick touch ups in the bathroom, I use Green Works cleaning wipes. After a quick wipe down of the sink, faucet, and toilet seat, the bathroom is ready for visitors.

I am not a candle person, so to give my house a fresh scent I suggest The Crown Choice  essential oil air freshener for home and bathroom. The scents are natural and safe, you can find a variety of scents that are made in Texas right here on Amazon.

Companies coming! Clean house in a flash with these products! #madeinUSA

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