You may wonder how to store your hats if you own several.  Keeping some kind of order will be helpful in keeping your wardrobe organized and items in good condition.  The important part is to keep your hat collection from getting dusty and misshapen. Here's how:

Hat Storage Tips

  • Keep pressure off the hat's brim by storing it upside down on its crown.  This will maintain the form of your hat.
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Do not store a dirty hat.  Use proper hat cleaning techniques first.
  • Fill the crown with stuffing.

Short term storage: Hang your hat on a hook only if is long enough to extend the entire crown of the hat.

Long term storage: A hat box.

Storing your hats correctly is a great start to keeping your hat collection organized.  Knowing how to preserve your hat guides you from tossing your hats in a growing mound on a closet shelf, filling a dresser top, or overloading a basket somewhere.

  • Keep out of season hats separate.
  • Store hats in your current rotation in an easily accessible area.
  • Stack hat boxes – color coordinate seasons to know what is inside.

Tips on how to store your hats.

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