When people from Idaho introduce themselves to a national audience they get a lot of  “Oh yeah, I know where Iowa is! No? Ohio? No? Wait, did you say Idaho? Potatoes!” Well, we might not be the most well-known (for anything besides a starchy vegetable) of the 50, but this landlocked state is making a splash with some wonderful homegrown products made in Idaho.

As you can tell from this list, Idahoans love a sweet treat, and we care about keeping our state beautiful, which is why so many Idaho companies focus on natural ingredients, sustainable businesses and manufacturing practices, and recycled materials.

Products we Love, Made in Idaho

Lit & Co

Lit & Co.'s soy candles burn cleaner than standard paraffin candles, which means no carbon soot on you walls and cleaner air to breathe. The candles’ fragrance comes from natural botanical oils in a couple dozen sweet and savory scents such as fresh herbs, spiced peach, wedding cake, chai tea, garden tomato, and many more. The 8 oz. candles provide 45 hours of burn time, and they come in glass or tin containers that can be refilled to reduce waste. Lit & Co. also offers candles poured into green glass, recycled from wine bottles. The recycled glass containers come from an Idaho non-profit called Usful ­­Glassworks, which upcycles glass from Boise area restaurants, bars, and residents.

Lit & Co soy candles, made in Idaho #usalovelisted #madeinIdahoBalmshot

Balmshot “Loaded with Lip Balm…Not Buckshot,” is the company’s slogan. Only in Idaho, right? Well, while this lip balm manufacturer packs balm made with beeswax, natural oils, and FDA approved sunscreen into a shotgun shell dispenser in its Boise factory, national retailers such as Walgreens, and Bed, Bath & Beyond are carrying these nicely designed lip balm. The product’s creator, Wayne S. Forrey, came up with the idea after contracting cancer on his lips, which doctors contributed to frequent sunburns on the otherwise healthy outdoorsman’s lips. Forrey disliked how standard lip balm tubes would twist in his pocket causing the cap to come off, so he came up with the idea of using the smooth metal base of a shotgun shell instead of the standard knurled disk. Hey, if it gets our manly outdoor enthusiasts to protect their lips from harmful UV rays, who are we to judge?Balm Shot lip balm made in Idaho #usalovelisted #lipcare #madeinIdaho

Cowgirl Chocolates

Cowgirl Chocolates is based out of Moscow in northern Idaho, and has received national awards for both product and packaging, has been featured on the Food Channel and CNBC, and ships its products around the world. Head cowgirl and founder, Marilyn Lysohir, prides herself on pioneering the trend of combining spices and chocolate when she created her signature “Cowgirl Kick” and launched Cowgirl Chocolates in 1997. Cowgirl Chocolates Made in Idaho #usalovelsited

Just Like Jane

Just Like Jane soaps are natural and handmade via the cold pressed method of soap making. Not only do Just Like Jane soaps smell amazing, but the packaging is just beautiful!

Just Like Jane soaps made in IdahoOwyhee/Idaho Candy Co.

We couldn’t complete this list without something potato. This isn’t exactly the kind Idaho is famous for, but it’s close. The Idaho Spud Bar is a potato shaped (but contains no potato!), chocolaty marshmallow treat, sprinkled with coconut.  Idaho Candy Co. began in 1901 and has been making this famous candy bar trademarked under the Owyhee name since 1918. The company has been operating out of the same warehouse since 1909 and is responsible for other sugary delights such as the Old Faithful Peanut Cluster, Cherry Cocktail candy bar, and most recently, the Huckleberry Gem, which makes use of the state fruit of Idaho.Idaho Candy Co, candy #madeinUSA since the 1900s

Camille Beckman

Camille Beckman produces one of the top selling hand creams available online. With a formula that incorporates rose buds and other natural ingredients, they are dedicated to making high quality beauty products at an affordable price.

Fat Daddy’s

A popular commodity at Boise State tailgating events, Fat Daddy’s barbecue sauce sports 7 different flavors and rockin’ labels for Idaho sports teams.  Whether you’re feeling a spicy sauce or a robust raspberry, Fat Daddy’s has got you, and your food, covered.Fat Daddy's BBQ sauce, Made in IDaho #usalovelisted

Bigelow Tea

Bigelow Tea started blending tea in the USA in 1945. In 1983 Bigelow Tea opened a 60,000 square foot facility in Boise that produces many of it's famous signature teas.


PowerBar sports nutrition protein snack bars have been manufactured in Boise since 1984. Power Bar was bought by Nestle in 1999.

Wagner's Mustard

Wagner's Idaho mustard is patterned after the German style of whole-grain mustard. Wagner's mustard is available in 10 flavors- all of which are made in Idaho in small batches from Idaho grown mustard seed.  All Wagner's mustard flavors are made with natural, GMO free ingredients. Wagner's mustard, made in Idaho #madeinUSA #usalovelsited #madeinIdaho



 Alicia Vanderschuere, is the  founder of rosieMADE, an online store that offers inspired, quality made in USA gifts, that tell a unique story. Edited and updated by Tracey Hanson. 

Products we love made in Idaho #usalovelisted #madeinidaho