With made in the USA supplies, kids can make these simple gifts to give to friends, teachers and/or relatives on Valentine's Day.  Make this Valentine's Day a Made in the USA Valentine's Day!

Three Kid Valentine Crafts That Make Great Gifts

Heart Pin

My kiddos had fun making these heart pins for their teachers, for Valentine's Day. My son, age 6, was so excited to learn how to sew (even though he kept calling it knitting!) and was able to do most of the project on his own. My daughter, age 4, needed help with holding the heart while she stitched and stuffed it. The hearts we made are about 2×2.5 inches in size.



  1. Make a heart stencil out of light weight cardboard. I used an old Christmas card and yes, there are STILL traces of the holidays in my house!
  2. Using the stencil, cut 2 hearts.
  3. Separate 2 strands from about 2 ft of embroidery floss.
  4. Keeping the 2 strands together, thread needle. With needle in the middle, knot ends together. Doubling the thread makes it easier for kiddos to sew because the thread will not come out of the needle. Also, if they drop the needle, it will stay attached and not get lost.
  5. Stitch around the heart, stopping when there is about an inch space left. You will need to use more thread, so repeat steps 3-5. I found if you make the thread too long, it gets easily tangled and knotted = kiddos getting frustrated 🙁
  6. Stuff fiber fill into the space, to desired plumpness.
  7. Resume stitching completely around heart. Tie off.
  8. Hand stitch a safety pin to the back.

Tablet Holder

Made in the USA, Duck Tape comes in many cool designs and colors. It is very popular with the tween and teen crowd. This is a fun and easy Valentine's Day gift for kids to make for their friends. Since trash from deliveries is being re-purposed, this handmade gift is also Eco-friendly.  My son wanted to make one for his dad and one for me. I helped him cut and position the Duck Tape


  • Designer Duck Tape, pattern of choice (found mine in the hardware section at Walmart)
  • UPS, Fed Ex, or USPS envelope with bubbles inside, big enough to hold Ipod, Kindle or whatever tablet the holder is being made for. We got 2 holders out of 1 envelope.
  • Scissors


  1. Cut envelope to a size that would hold the tablet
  2. Cut off 2 pieces of Duck Tape the same size as the sides of the holder to close/reinforce them.
  3. Place 1 of these pieces of Duck Tape the complete length of one side, folding around the holder so 1/2 of the Duck Tape is on the front, and 1/2 the back. Repeat with the other side.
  4. Cut a piece of Duck Tape the size of the bottom of the holder. Reinforce the bottom the same way as the sides.
  5. Cut a piece of Duck Tape long enough to wrap lengthwise around the holder, and with enough on each end to fold inside thus reinforcing the edges of the opening.
    6. Repeat 5 until the whole holder is covered with Duck Tape.

Valentine Candy Jars

My kids also like to decorate made in the USA Ball canning jars with felt and ribbons and stuff them with candy. These make great Valentine's Day gifts for teachers, grandparents, and bus drivers. Click the link below for directions.

Decorative canning jars

DIY Valentine Candy Jars

Kid Valentine Crafts that make great Valentine's Day gifts

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