American Made Bike Gear: Get rolling with Made in USA Accesories

American made bike gear

Whether you bike for sport, leisure, or to commute, USA Love List has found the bicycle gear you need, all made in the USA.

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American Made Bike Gear, An Ultimate Source Guide

The Rackcycle Bike Rack

The made in USA Grassracks Rackcycle bike rack is crafted from strong, solid 1/2” bamboo and can hold up to 65 pounds. The Rackcycle bike rack even has a convenient shelf that can be used for holding keys, purse, wallet, and utility hooks that can hold jackets, or helmets.  The Grassracks mission is to create amazing, high quality products and offer them at a fair price. The Rackcycle is Eco friendly. It is built to last from natural bamboo, and all Grassracks storage products are finished with whey protein (a by product of cheese making) based wood finishing from Vermont Natural Coatings.

The Rackcycle Bike Rack by Grassracks |made in USA
Bike Gear: Bamboo bike rack by Grassracks, made in USA
American made bike gear ~ Lone Peak bike bags
Lone Peak offers a large selection of high quality bicycle packs made in the USA.  Lone Peak manufactures seat packs, handlebar packs, frame packs,  fanny packs, commuter packs and panniers.
American madeCycle gear: Rolf Prima wheels, handmade in Oregon
 Rolf Prima bicycle wheels are hand built in Eugene, Oregon.
Microflate Nano tire inflation device #madeinUSA
The Genuine Innovations Microflate Nano Mini CO2 device is lightweight, and easy to use when your tires need inflation mid ride.
DeFeet American made cycling gear
DeFeet  manufactures cycling gloves, socks, base layers, and knee & arm warmers in North Carolina
Kool Kovers bike cleat covers #madeinUSA
Made in Colorado, Kool Kovers cleat covers make it easy to walk around in bicycle shoes.
Cycling apparel made in USA by Voler
Voler premium cycling apparel for men, women, and youth is manufactured in Grover Beach, California. Voler also takes custom orders for teams, events, and clubs.
American made cycle gear ~ Platypus hydration systems #madeinUSA
Platypus hydration reservoirs are BPA free, phthalates free, and are manufactured in Seattle, Washington.
Polar Bottle #madeinUSA | Eco friendly, BPA free water bottle
Polar Bottle Eco-frendly, BPA free water bottles are made in America.
Sheepskin bicycle seat covers #madeinUSA
Ride in comfort with a sheepskin seat cover made in the USA by  Wiljer. Wiljer is a manufacturer of textile cleaning products (like microfiber clothes, and mop heads), that also just happens to make bicycle seat covers.
inert Safe T Child bike seat #madeinUSA
The ibert Safe T seat is a bike seat designed for children ages 1-4.
American made bike gear Wald baskets
Wald has been manufacturing front and rear bicycle baskets and racks in Maysville, Kentucky since 1930. 
Pet bike baskets #madeinUSA
Handmade in New Hampshire, Peterboro Basket Company has a variety of bike baskets to choose from, including a basket for small pets!
Saris vehicle bike racks #madeinUSA
Saris vehicle bike racks are hand assembled in Wisconsin.
GearUp floor to ceiling oak bike rack #madeinUSA
GearUp manufactures bicycle storage racks in America. The OakRak floor to ceiling bicycle storage rack is crafted in the USA from furniture grade American Red Oak.

FlyPedals convert clipless pedals into platform pedals for casual riding.

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  1. The Platypus hydration reservoirs are fantastic!
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  2. Lindsay M. says:

    Maybe I need to bust out the bike this summer!

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    When I was much younger and living in Oregon, I rode a bike almost everywhere I went! They have bike trails along most streets which made it easy! Love the basket and the ride along producd

  4. Frost River also makes some great bike bags! A few different styles to choose from.
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  5. md Kennedy says:

    We are getting my step-daughter a new bike this week and these are great ideas for accessories for her – thanks!

  6. Paul components manufacturing is based in Chico, CA. They make bike components like brake calipers, hubs, brake levers, and other parts. One of very few American bike component manufacturers and they make excellent quality stuff.

  7. Thanks for another comprehensive list of American made! I really like the playtpus reservoir.

  8. Julie Waldron says:

    These are some great products. I like the Genuine Innovations Microflate Nano Mini, that would be great to have when we’re riding on the bike trail.

  9. I think this company will be both on the bicycle love list as well as the components list. Thanks for the wonderful job you do educating the masses on how to make our economic voices heard and focused!! Together we can make a positive difference in reclaiming diverse manufacturing in our country!

    2801 NW NELA ST : PORTLAND, OR 97210 USA : 800.523.6008

  10. Horseshoe Crab Tire levers

  11. Elizabeth says:

    I think the Safe Zone Mirror is essential.

  12. My nephew is really into biking and a super athlete. He would like this AMERICAN MADE BIKE GEAR, AN ULTIMATE SOURCE GUIDE.

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