The antidote to cabin fever is to enjoy winter with an American made snowboard or splitboard.

Winter lovers have one thing in common: they know how to play. When the white stuff starts dropping from the sky, they have visions of mountain slopes, ski resorts, and local parks with warming houses.

Snowboards Made in USA

When my kids were young, we would frequent our local park with three other families. There we would enjoy a day of sledding and snowboarding. (The hills were much too small for skiing.) We would warm ourselves with hot chocolate or tea by the wood-burning stove, then off we would go again.

Those days hold some great memories, not just for the kids, but for the adults, too. Whether you're trying to re-capture winter's adventures or you're already tapped into the excitement, consider buying a snowboard made in the USA.

American made snowboards we love
Snowboarding is a great family activity and a fun winter adventure!

Types of Snowboards

There are four different types of snowboards:

  • All-mountain snowboards are great for those just starting out.
  • Freeride snowboards are designed to go fast!
  • Powder snowboards are made for the backcountry rather than resorts and parks.
  • Freestyle snowboards are designed for spins and tricks.

Each of the American-made snowboard brands we recommend makes a variety of snowboards, both in type and aesthetics. A few companies make beginner snowboards for kids and youth specifically for the local county or state park.


These makers are passionate about their respective brands and designs. They've sacrificed much through the years to come up with what they believe to be the absolute best snowboards. They love what they do, and they enjoy working with customers to give them what they want.

One company, Voile, came up with the original splitboard in the early 1990s. A splitboard is best described as a snowboard that can be split apart and used as skis for traveling uphill. Once you're at the top, re-connect the two halves into a single board, and enjoy snowboarding back downhill.

About Snowboard Graphics

Just as snowboarders are adventurous, freedom-seeking enthusiasts, snowboard graphics can be equally as individual as the riders and the makers. Like logos or graphics for other products, snowboard companies have their own designs, artwork, and visual branding that's as painstakingly developed as much as the boards themselves. Customers grow to appreciate the aesthetics of their favorite boards, and many companies even allow customers to submit their own board designs.


Ready for Winter Adventure?

No matter your age, you can get the hang of snowboarding with some coordinated balance and a desire to have some winter fun. Plus, knowing you've purchased an American-made snowboard makes you feel all the more “stoked” about the “sick” ride down. Let's go shreddin'!

Enjoy Winter with an American Made Snowboard

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