Ah, Florida. The bendy state at the bottom of the good ole U-S-of-A. The one chock full of coastline and folks who treat every day easy like a Sunday morning. But we in the sunshine state are about more than sandy white beaches, snowbirds and cartoon mice. We're also about quality and innovation. Check out a few top-notch products made in Florida.

10 Things We Love, Made in Florida

Tropicana American Made Orange Juice, and Other Products We Love, Made in Florida | #AmericanMade #Tropicana #MadeinFlorida
Florida's groves are known for their superior, sandy soil conditions, state-of-the-art irrigation practices, and fine citrus. Tropicana, the largest single buyer of Florida fruit, monitors more than 400 Florida groves. Tropicana was founded in Florida in 1947 and purchased by PepsiCo in 1998.  In 2007, Tropicana began adding Brazilian oranges to the juice due to decreased productivity of Florida oranges (thanks to damaging hurricanes). Tropicana Pure Premium announced in Feb 2012 that it had returned to using only hand graded Florida oranges.


Natures Kitchen American Made Pet Food From Maverick Pet, and Other Products We Love, Made in Florida | #AmericanMade #NaturesKitchen #MadeinFlorida
Nature's Kitchen is the first all natural pet food product from Maverick Pet Foods based in Hollywood, Florida. Nature's Kitchen's philosophy is that dogs are carnivores and they thrive on fresh meat. As such, their food is made with a minimum of 80% fresh meat and is based on the wild diet. Nature's Kitchen is made with only human-grade ingredients and is packaged in 100% recyclable containers.


Florida Crystals American Grown Sugar, and Other Products We Love, Made in Florida | #AmericanMade #FloridaCrystals #MadeinFlorida
Florida Crystals is the only certified organic sugar grown and harvested in the USA. Florida Crystals is a leading sugar producer and the USA’s first fully integrated cane sugar company.  Located in West Palm Beach, Florida Crystals owns 155,000 acres of land, two sugar mills, a sugar refinery, a rice mill, a packaging and distribution center, a renewable energy facility and the largest biomass power plant in North America. Florida Crystals' production capacity exceeds 7 million tons of sugar per year.

Belle Ame Bath & Body products made in Florida
Belle Ame' started as a hobby and expanded to a line of bath and body products that are beneficial to the skin with a personal touch. Every product, from bath bombs to goat's milk and honey lotions to lib scrub, is made-to-order and shipped from Pensacola. Belle Ame' even offers products for men and children.


Landshark Lager American Made Beer, and Other Products We Love, Made in Florida | #AmericanMade #LandsarkLager #MadeinFlorida
Margaritaville Brewing Company in Jacksonville began brewing LandShark Larger, the beer of Parrotheads, in 2006. It is a clean tasting pale lager with a hint of island living in every sip. LandShark has also partnered with Ocean Conservancy to keep our oceans clean and beautiful. Fins up!


Wish Kingdom American Made, Nautical Clothing For Kids and Babies and Other Products We Love, Made in Florida | #AmericanMade #WishKingdom #MadeinFlorida
The Wish Kingdom offers elegant baby gifts with a coastal feel. Everything from American made children's clothing to bed sheets is available from this Singer Island company. Each item is cut and sewn by hand, so no two are alike. Wish Kingdom is made from the finest cotton fabrics and trims and is manufactured here in the United States. All items are pesticide and formaldehyde free.

Gifts for Under $30: Tervis water bottles #madeinUSA
Tervis drinkware is proudly made in America. More than 900 people are employed through this family-owned-and-operated business, headquartered in North Venice, Florida. There are so many styles and themes from which to select, you'll find something for everyone you know!


Black Diamond, a small shop of musicians making strings for musicians in Sarasota, has been around since 1890. “It’s a fact, if there’s music in the roots of your family tree, chances are there’s a Black Diamond story resting in the branches.” You'll find the likes of Josh Turner, Julian Mandrake and Matt Noveskey among Black Diamond fans.


Tibor Reels made in Florida 
More records have been set using hand-assembled Tibor Reels — the favorite fly-fishing reels of both President Bushes — than any other in salt or fresh water. According to the International Game Fish Association, Tibor Reels holds more than 750 world records to date. Every inch of the reel, which has a lifetime warranty, is made in the U.S., mostly in the company's 25,000-square-foot factory headquarters in Delray Beach. Be sure to read about Tibor Reels in “The Man Who Changed Fly Fishing Forever” in Garden & Gun Magazine's April/May 2012 issue.


4 Orange Vodka made in Florida
Each bottle of 4 Orange Premium Vodka contains 20 Florida oranges of four different varieties – Parson Brown oranges, Temple oranges, Valencia oranges, and Hamlin oranges. 4 Orange is distilled at Florida's first registered distillery, established in 1943 in Lake Alfred. What makes it different? 4 Orange is not an orange flavored vodka, it is an orange-based vodka, made from 100% orange spirits. Plus it tastes like sunshine!


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Things we love, made in Florida
Guest post by Jen Whitfield.  Jen is a rare Florida native. She firmly believes that to sustain life, she must always reside near the Gulf of Mexico. By day she is a marketing professional for an economic development office in Northwest Florida. By night she writes at WhitfieldAwesome.com, a humor blog about her life in Florida and various other things.