Ah, Florida. The bendy state at the bottom of the good ole U-S-of-A. The one chock full of coastline and folks who treat every day easy like a Sunday morning. But we in the sunshine state are about more than sandy white beaches, snowbirds and cartoon mice. We're also about quality and innovation. Check out a few top-notch products made in Florida.

Things We Love Made in Florida

LandShark Lager

Margaritaville Brewing Company in Jacksonville began brewing LandShark Larger, the beer of Parrotheads, in 2006. It is a clean tasting pale lager with a hint of island living in every sip. LandShark has also partnered with Ocean Conservancy to keep our oceans clean and beautiful. Fins up!

4 Orange Premium Vodka

Each bottle of 4 Orange Premium Vodka contains 20 Florida oranges of four different varieties – Parson Brown oranges, Temple oranges, Valencia oranges, and Hamlin oranges. 4 Orange is distilled at Florida's first registered distillery, established in 1943 in Lake Alfred. What makes it different? 4 Orange is not an orange flavored vodka, it is an orange-based vodka, made from 100% orange spirits. Plus it tastes like sunshine!

This Guest post was originally written by Jen Whitfield in 2012. It has been updated severals times since.

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