American Made Designer Purses and Handbags: The Ultimate Source List

Designer purses and handbags made in USA

American made designer purses and handbags are hard to find, so we’ve put together an ultimate source list for you. While some of these designer purses and handbags are a small investment, all of these brands offer quality products, and many of these brands offer lifetime warranties. Let us know which bag is your favorite in the comments section!

Our top picks for American Made Designer Purses and Handbags

Customized Leather and Canvas Bag Options from Jenny N. 

Attention is in the details with bags from Jenny N.  Jenny Nemlekar designs and sews each one of her bags. She uses premium full-grain leather, metal hardware, and water-resistant canvas to line her bags. Jenny N. bags are built to last for years to come. As a one-woman operation, Jenny focuses on quality over quantity and provides customer-centric service. Every Jenny N. bag can be customized from the leather color, thread color, monogram, and closure styles.  View the Custom Bags section to see all of the customizations options and view Jenny’s Instagram for inspiration on custom bags she’s done in the past. There are so many options; the possibilities are endless. All of Jenny’s bags are made by hand in her Dallas, Texas studio.

Code USALOVE gets you free shipping on orders within the US from Jenny N.
Women-Owned American Made Leather Handbags from Jenny N | Code USALove For Free Shipping
Bohemian at Heart
Made from 100% leather, Malibu American offers bohemian style luxury bags that are made in the USA. The luxuriously soft leather, hand braided handles, and hand cut fringe reflect the laid back luxe lifestyle of living near the beaches and mountains of in Malibu, California. Malibu American handbag elements including the leather, hardware, and lining, are all entirely sourced and manufactured in downtown Los Angeles, California, USA. Even the dust bags are made in the USA in Kansas City, Missouri.
Code USALOVE saves you 15%

Engraved or Embossed Leather Bags Made in Tennessee

Colonel Littleton is an American fashion designer best known for his Col. Littleton brand of upscale leather goods and specialty products. All his products are handmade in his Lynnville, Tennessee workshop by local craftsmen. The leather from which most of its products are made is from full-grain, hand-tanned American hides. Get your initials engraved or embossed on your bag.

American Made Handbags from Col. Littleton

K. Slade: Classic and Straightfoward

Kelsea, K.Slade designer and owner, offers classic American heritage brand, born from her desire for quality and simplicity. Each handbag is designed in Evansville, Indiana, and crafted in Chicago, Illinois, using the finest and most durable leather, cloth, and hardware.

American Made Leather Tote and Handbags from k.slademade

 Boho Chic From FOUNT Leather

Husband and wife team, Phillip and Jackie Wachter, are the design and creative team behind FOUNT Leather. Inspired by vintage style, these heirloom pieces are perfect for everyday wear. All their products are made by hand in their Cleveland, Ohio studio.

American Made Handbags from FOUNT Leather | Handcrafted in Ohio


Kamen Road is a travel and work bag collection committed to natural material, ethics, purpose, and opportunity. Collection pieces are made in collaboration with artisans and craft masters in Pennsylvania, Oregon, and California. They use full grain leather and natural materials (GOTS certified) that last the longest and age the best. Carry What You Love is their motto.

American Made Leather Handbags from Kámen Road

 J.W. Hulme Co: The Heirloom Purchase

J.W. Hulme Co offers a lifetime guarantee on its goods made in their Minnesota factory. Shop the collection for their timeless leather handbags, briefcases and accessories for both men and women. See which ones I love best.
American Made Leather Handbags from JW Hulme | Made in Minnesota



More American made designer handbags and purse favorites

  • Artifact, carry-all and garden totes. All Artifact products are handmade in Omaha, NE using the finest waxed canvas and leather and come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Baggu makes its leather bags in New York. Baggu nylon bags are not American made.
  • Beau & Ro Bag Company stylish belt bags (a.k.a fanny packs) and backpacks made in New York City.
  • Blair Ritchey collection brings functional luxury to easily upgrade your wardrobe. Blair’s namesake collection is designed and handcrafted by Blair in her Cleveland, Ohio studio.
  • Brynn Capella offers tons of handbag styles from cross body to shoulder bags, clutches and satchels.
  • Calleen Corderos namesake line is known for her quality leather shoes, and also offers a handbag line.
  • Cinda b‘s collection has me completely in love. I’m crazy about the bright, eye catching patterns and the durable nylon fabric that makes these handbags perfect for everyday use. Once you buy a few pieces from the collection, you’ll soon be wanting all the corresponding pieces! All of Cinda b’s goods are made in USA at the company’s factory in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • Clare Vivier offers leather bags of all styles and colors made in USA. I personally love the line!
  • Cuyana sells a lovely selection of leather goods made in the United States such as wallets, tote bags and small zipper pouches. Not everything on this site is made in the USA, but everything is clearly labeled.
  • Ella Vickers recycled sail bags are perfect for a day at the beach. We love when eco-friendly products are also made in the USA!
  • English Retreads handbags are all made out of recycled inner tubes in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Frank Clegg has been making leather goods in Fall River, Massachusetts since 1970. The brand even offer exotic American alligator leather bags and accessories.
  • Graf & Lantz offers leather and wool felt bags and totes of all sizes.
  • Holly Aiken designs and makes vinyl handbags under $100 in North Carolina.
  • Jess Rizzuti is a luxury handbag line made in New York City. I love all of Jess’ purses and featured one of them in our Eco-Fashion All American Made post.
  • Mei Vintage  handbags are made with care and thought, utilizing a mixture of new, organic and recycled materials. They offer vintage kimono fabric bags come in limited editions and each bag is unique.
  • Merci Fortune designer leather handbags are made in New York City.
  • Michelle Vale offers leather and non- leather handbags made in New York City.
  • Oak73 designs all their handbags in limited edition and small quantity.  They are manufactured in NYC of 100%.
  • Paige Hamilton handbags are made of waterproof nylon. I love the functionality and simplicity of Paige’s namesake collection. I was lucky enough to get to meet Paige and see the production of her purses at a factory in Burbank, California.  After seeing the purses in person, you can see that there’s great level of craftsmanship that goes into the making of these purses.
  • Pietro Alessandro offers well priced made in USA leather handbags in both trendy and classic styles.
  • Rebecca Ray Designs offers classic style leather totes. If you love Donney & Burke purses, you’ll love Rebecca Ray. Rebecca Ray Designs is featured in our American Made, Kentucky Derby Style article. 
  • Sea Bags bags are made from recycled sail cloth in the heart of Portland, Maine’s working waterfront.
  • Skipper Bags are beach totes made of repurposed sails made in Maryland. Skipper Bags made our list of “Nautical Fashion Must Haves”.
  • Stephanie Dawn offers cotton bags. If you love Vera Bradley, shop  Stephanie Dawn for the made in USA option! Read why we love Stephanie Dawn in our review post.
  • Uptown Redesigns offer upcycled bags from outdated leather coats. All of the bags are handcrafted and made in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Designer Purses and Handbags Made in USA Ultimate Source List

Have we missed anything on this list of American made designer purses and handbags?  Which is your favorite?  Share other American made handbag brands with us in the comment section!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love.

Photo credit J.Sale Photography for Merci-Fortune 
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  1. You forgot Jacki Easlick. I showcased one of her bags in this post:
    Latest Post: The MultipleMy Profile

  2. A few more that I know of:
    Frank Clegg
    Holly Aiken

    Thanks for encouraging buying products made in the USA!

  3. Brandee says:
  4. I’d like to add one. These are the only handbags that I carry and I love them.

  5. You need to include Natasha Durham of MiMs (Made in Maine)… she has a site but sells through etsy. I bought a beautiful red leather tiny hobo bag from her for $171 and I’ve been getting nothing but compliments on it! I am extremely impressed with the quality of the work done that I am considering on getting a second bag! She offers $1 leather and fabric samples just so you know what you’ll get before placing an order which is a huge plus as many companies don’t do this.

  6. Jill Homiak says:

    Thank you EVERYONE for those great additions to the source list! Who need imported handbags when so many wonderful companies are making the in the USA? Happy made in USA shopping!

    • Jill,

      I am interested in creating lunch boxes that are made here in the USA. I am having a hard time finding a manufacturer. I want to help create jobs here in the US!

      • Rousha L. says:

        If you want to find a US manufacturer, go to the website: they’ll give you step by step instructions on how to contact manufacturers and get your product out their.

    • I believe that English Retreads went out of business at least 2-3 years ago.

  7. chris c says:

    Thanks for this list! Buy USA! 🙂

  8. Check out Merci-Fortune for very high quality leather handbags – – made in the USA from Horween leather.

  9. Check these made in the USA hanbags. Beautiful Functional and fun!

  10. Here are 3 more other links of Manufactures who make leather handbags. 2 are very affordable while one is a little more expensive but better options.

    Natural Reflections:
    Leather Purses, Wallets and Belts for Women and Men. Made in Naples, New York. Most Items are under $100.00! Here is link below.

    North Star Leather:
    Leather Handbags, wallets, hats, and aprons for men and women. Made in Ruby, South Carolina. Most Items again here are under $100.00.Here is link below also:

    Leather Artisian:
    Very Beautiful leather Handbags, backpacks and wallets for women and men. Made in Childwold, New York. I little more expensive but not overpriced. Most Handbags are about $200 to $300 dollars. Here is link below

    Harvey bags are made of recycled seatbelts and are made here. They’re really cute and come in all sorts of fun colors and motifs, plus they aren’t outrageously priced (they’re around $100-$500 and no more than $500 usually). 🙂 They save the environment and our economy plus they are, I am sure, sweatshop free.

    • I am so glad you mentioned Harvey’s Seatbeltbags! I was just about to add them. LOVE Harveys!!!

    • I’ll add my me too! Love Harvey’s. I’m carrying my first one now. And I haven’t seen Sally Spicer bags listed yet. They’re made in San Francisco. Bought my first one on the Pier and have been ordering over the internet for probably 15 years.


    I like structured, classic bags that hold their shape perfectly. I hate floppy things that, when you sit them down, they melt into a puddle. The link is to a family-run handbag company out of Fairhaven, MA. Every season has new colors and styles, but they hold onto their classics. This has been a favorite for years. Enjoy!

    • I hate to burst your bubble (as mine was yesterday), but most Brahmin is made in China. I have been purchasing bags and wallets from them for about a decade now. We lived in Mass and I thought it was really cool to buy these very special bags that were made locally. I even purchased three bags at the Fairhaven outlet. Just yesterday I started reading that some of their bags are made in China so I looked in all the items I own. Every single one has a tiny “Made in China” tag in the bottom except one. Tiny and on the underside of the tag. There is one I have donated because it was worn, so I can’t verify where that one was made (probably my oldest bag) but I also purchased a wallet at the same time and it says made in china. The one that did not have a tag was purchased at the outlet, but the other two purchased there (sample bags) were made in China. I am so disillusioned with Brahmin right now. I can’t even get Fairhaven-made in Fairhaven! I feel they are being sneaky. I always loved their style and quality, but they have not been up-front about their products. They don’t seem so special now (and I’m not anti-China-made stuff, but want it to be clear). I was willing to pay for something special. I guess I just saved some money because I was actively hunting a new bag and have decided not to purchase one from them. They state this on their site “Nothing disappoints me more than the lack of value that our fellow Americans put on domestic production.” Well, I did value domestic production of these items and they took that away. Sigh.

      • Thanks for the info.

      • I had my bubble broken just today about Brahmin…the exact reason my husband sent me this article. So disappointing.

      • Marlene – we here at YKK (he zipper people) are working hard to see how we can help with shifting any of the bag manufacturers business back to the USA. Its tough to meet the sales price expectations but Brahmin is working hard to try and see where something could be done or maybe at least getting the materials made in the USA. They are great people and as you say they are right there in your own backyard!

  13. Laura Saich says:

    Another made in the USA fun bag is a company in Seattle called Glittersweet. Sparkly and fun!

  14. These are exquisite one of a kind handbags designed and produced by artist , Pat Charley under the brand name PC co. are made from fine leather, vintage Navajo rug fragments, silver and turquoise findings, and card woven charms.

  15. I am looking for a leather handbag tailor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Someone with excellent sewing skills. If you know of anyone, I would appreciate the contact information.

  16. I am looking for an leather handbag tailor with excellent sewing skills to keep up with the production of my high end one of a kind handbags. Please contact me at 510 654-7816.

    Thanks so much.

    Pat Charley
    PC co. Handbags

  17. Katie Kalsi handbags are also made in USA. I own three – they are extremely well made leather bags with straps that you can change (the straps are leather also they attach with heavy duty snaps). Check them out at They are really nice bags. I’m done with big name mainstream designers because the bags are made in China.

  18. Tammie Coelho says:

    The Real McCoy Purse Company makes beautiful American made hand bags and wallets. Check them out!

  19. Colonel Littleton in Tennessee — fabulous briefcases and bags made in the USA!

  20. Just a comment on the websites for these bag makers: many of them have TINY LITTLE PHOTOS of their products, and often only one of ’em. They would do themselves a favor by making it easier for potential customers to see what the heck the bags look like!

    • Aaugh! I thought the same! Where is the strap drop info? What does it look like inside? Can I get a side view? Someone holding it for scale? It’s not like I can run into my local mall to view these things, so the online description is key!

  21. Duluth Pack. Made in Minnesota. 🙂

  22. Lauren Merkin. Her bags are considered as part of the high end labels though.

  23. Beautiful fabrics. You pick your favorite fabric and style.

    Also, does small messenger bags that can be used as purses. They let you design your own bag as well. They also have large messenger bags.

  24. Thank you SO much for posting this! I’ve been looking for bags made in the USA for months, and this is a huge help!

  25. nice bags for make it large happening.. for lady, fashionable

  26. Great article and some wonderful designers! I’m curious though… Would anyone happen to know who manufactures for Clare Vivier and Kendall Conrad in Los Angeles?

  27. PKK, a zipper brand having won a good reputation in China. Now looking forward to cooperation with USA partners, like manufacturers of handbags, luggages, shoes etc. For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact me or visit our website.
    Jack Mobile: 0086 13226444226

  28. Victoria Leather Co in Harleysville, PA makes beautiful, stylish leather handbags. Check out the site!

  29. Flying Fox! Shameless plug, but it’s my brand new line of handbags, and I’m passionate about the Made in America movement. 🙂 Everything is designed in New Orleans and made in the USA!

  30. How about Jack Georges?

  31. Lori V. says:

    I am a fan of Coronado Leather. High quality USA made, concealed carry purses and bags!

    Great bags – last forever!

  33. I am looking for the designer who makes clutch bags from leather with a hole in one end to put your wrist through.

  34. Made in USA

  35. Made In USA

  36. Love the “doctor bags” by Merci-Fortune!
    Latest Post: For gorgeous (and easy!) nail art that’s perfect every time, try new Jamberry NailsMy Profile

  37. Lindsay M. says:

    Stephanie Dawn representing my hometown, Van Wert, Ohio!

  38. Wow, thanks for sharing this! So awesome!
    Latest Post: Check out my items for sale on!My Profile

  39. I’m loving those Victoria Leather handbags!

  40. Maruca Designs. Found these gems in a little shop in Cape May N.J. All made in Boulder, Colorado.

  41. Maryann D. says:

    These are definitely all lovely handbags. I do like the patterns of the Oak73 bags. Great selection and well made.

  42. Robin Wilson says:

    What a wonderful comprehensive list! I will most definitely make sure that I have it (condensed after I print this) with me the next time I’m in the market.

  43. craftyone says:

    I like this list and have been going to each site viewing products. I am making a wishlist and bookmarking this site.

  44. Rough Seas Designs makes the best retro, vintage style American made handbags. All handmade in California, by a the best designer/maker. Top quality amazing designs
    check them out on instagram @RoughSeasDesigns or website

  45. I don’t know of any, but I’ll be looking for a handbag and definitely want to buy made in USA!!! More choices than I would have thought, which is great!

  46. Jerry Terrence Original Carpet Bags are made in America going on 50 years now. They disappeared for a while and are now making a come back, still manufactured in Downtown LA just like the good old days. 🙂

  47. I’ve been hand making leather pieces for going on a decade now. It’s my life I breath it , eat it and sleep it. I get with customers and design their dream bag from start to finish to their likings. I design, cut, hand stitch, sew, market , promote all types of leather product for my own business, but mainly handbags from the simplest to the more complicated design. All made here in the USA in Minnesota to be exact with all materials from American companies. Thank you

  48. Here’s a new NYC designer, luxury bags also actually made in NYC!
    Moro Tran ids the name…
    Check out

  49. I love the bags from Cindab and new styles are coming.

  50. Lauren Merkin

  51. The Real Mccoy is amazing! I absolutely love their styles and they are beautiful! Soft leather!!! Made in USA!!!

  52. I can’t believe in this fairly exhaustive list that I can’t find a bag I “need”. I don’t buy leather, and I need a large enough bag to hold my Surface tablet as well as wipes and snacks without it looking like a diaper bag. I’ve clicked through every link. Any suggestions? I don’t like Vera style bags. I also can’t spend $150+ on a purse.

  53. I found these bags because they were made of recycled non animal materials. I am not sure if they are made in America? They say on the website that they are based in Tennessee. They are indestructible just like the Harvey bags. I have one of each.
    Latest Post: Outfit of the Day: SmokeyMy Profile

  54. Lotuff Leather – One of my faves.
    Moop – – love, love her wonderful bags. Made in Pittsburgh.
    Jenny N – – Made in Pittsburgh.
    Col. Littleton – Made in Tennessee. Beautiful!

  55. My company produces luxury handbags. Most are haute couture designed for the client and there is only one, ever, hand made by myself. Others are designed and made by me then produced in New York one at a time on order. Much of my hardware I forge or cast in stainless steel, bronze or aluminum at a foundry in Kentucky. My leather is U.S. raised and tanned or high quality Italian leather. I cross the boundary of art and fashion with my work.

  56. rochelle haynes says:

    These are nice

  57. Thanks for the extensive list! The saddlebag by J.W. Hulme Co would make the perfect gift for my daughter!
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  58. These bags are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for calling them to my attention!

  59. We make amazing custom leather handbags completely by hand using veg tanned leather. We would love to be on your list. Please check us out. Our most recent post is about a “special” commission for a client Thanks!

  60. I just bought a “stealth luxury” Parabellum bag. Made in California from free range american bison hide. Expensive ($2250) but worth it!! They have a small production so you won’t see everyone with your bag. Nice belts and wallets too!

  61. Maryann D. says:

    My daughter would like the Gogo Tote, since it is made without leather. She will not purchase any leather products, but this looks lovely. I love that it is made in NYC.

  62. The Louise of Itzalulu pieces are stunning. I especially love the handbags, but the double wrap bracelets and belts are gorgeous, too!
    Latest Post: Cucumber Melon Body Lotion from Black Canyon Home and Body captures the very essence of Spring!My Profile

  63. You left off my personal favorite – Brahmin!

  64. Carrie Lynn says:

    La Bella Couture – messenger bags, purses, clutches, even custom fabric. Fun & functional, voted best product of 2014 by Showcase Magazine. Also a company with heart- check them out!

  65. I love the Bohlux collection, but at over $5000 it’s a little out of my price range!
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  66. Katie Anderson says:

    Helpful to have all of this information! Thanks.

  67. Better Life Bags! You get to design your own bag, and they have a great mission – teaching vocational skills to women in Detroit.

  68. Merci-Fortune bags look great. I will have to check them out next time I’m down in NY. My wife would love them.

  69. Tamra Phelps says:

    I hadn’t heard of most of these! I especially like the bag in the Fount Leather photo! That is gorgeous.

  70. We design and make all of our bags just a few miles from our office in Los Angeles. Love this site that creates and nurtures such wonderful support for Made in the USA products. Thank you!

  71. Sorry! Forgot to include the link to our company, Hipsters for Sisters.

    Thank you again for this awesome list.

  72. Zaneta Owens Collection also are luxury handbags manufactured in California and support USA suppliers. Check them out

  73. BETSON bags are made from 100% leather and are made with love in Ohio 🙂

  74. My favorite is Erda Bags, they make fabric and leather combinations in great shapes with lots of pockets. They are located in Northern Maine and are a group of veteran craftspeople making a great product.

  75. Anne Sylvain,

    Created from the world’s most valuable American alligator, python, ostrich and other luxury leathers, all sustainably sourced, Anne Sylvain luxury handbags and accessories are crafted by hand entirely in the USA.

  76. Thanks for the post. All of these sites are Amazing. In few months ago, I visited a website that makes leather products like camera bag, handbags, wallet, laptop bags, clutches and leather briefcase. I find all these products with life time warranty.
    Latest Post: Vacationing In England For American Travelers: The Best of the UnknownMy Profile

  77. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t Carla Mancini bags made in the USA?

  78. Hi there!
    We would love to be included in your made in America handbag round-up! Our Sustainably Chic handbags are all made in USA!

    Here’s a bit more about us:
    Since 2001, Crystalyn Kae Accessories has designed handbags and accessories produced from ethically sourced and reclaimed materials. Beloved by fashion mavens and independent spirits alike, the Crystalyn Kae handbag is a symbol of socially-conscious style.

    Our handmade hobos, totes, and cross-body bags are created with a unique blend of sustainable materials and made in the USA. Our bags carry everything you need, durably protecting your valuables in rain or shine. Adjustable straps and versatile inner pockets keep you organized and ready for work, play, or travel.
    As seasons change, so do our handbags: new designs, styles, and colors, adding dimension to our signature classics. We are committed to our core mission of creating original, handcrafted accessories using earth- and animal-friendly materials.

    Crystalyn Kae products are available in over 40 specialty boutiques in the USA and globally, as well as our online store. Our beautiful handbags have been featured in InStyle, Women’s Health, Lucky, Yoga Journal, and more.

    Hope you’ll keep us in mind for future features! Thank you!!

  79. Hello,

    R. Riveter would love to be added to the list. Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse started R. Riveter in 2011. We are a handbag company that is handmade in the United States by military spouses.

    Our handbags are made using up-cycled military materials such as duffle bags, wool blankets, and shelter halves. We combine these materials with real leather to create a handmade handbag that exudes elegance and history. Each handbag is cut, dyed, and sewn by militry spouses across the United States.

    Here is a link to our website:

    Best Regards,

  80. I love bags, very good to some are made in the USA!

  81. Love the variety of manufacturers in this post! Thank you for helping us find American made handbags.

  82. Ginny Wilkerson says:

    I’m an insurance agent and want a cute ,not square looking backpack, that will sit nicely on my back without getting under my neck hair and that has outside pockets for easy access for cell phone, etc.
    I move around a lot, in and out of cars and have found the only place that makes backpacks is rue 21 (they are out) for small women.
    Any suggestions?

  83. Love those cross-body bags!

  84. Rough and Tumble Maine

  85. Jackson Wayne Leather Goods would love to be added to this list. We make vintage inspired leather bags right here in America. Even though they are a vintage design, they are built to accommodate your modern tech. Please check us out!

  86. Karen D says:

    It’s great to know that there are so many options to buy made in USA when purchasing a handbag.

  87. Not all of Cinda B’s bags are made in America

  88. Who makes acrylic clutches? And pearl clutches?

  89. Hi, I came across this article while surfing the internet. I am living in the Netherlands and by seeing of the lovely (made in America) bags wonder if there is really a big difference between handmade bags from America and Europe, for example.

  90. One of the great list of Ladies Handbags i have ever found.

  91. sac A main designed and made in MA by a 1 person shop.

  92. Sonja Samples says:

    such nice bags and I love that they are made in the USA>

  93. SVEN!

  94. SAS not only makes shoes in the USA but fine leather hand bags and belts. Check out a SAS store !

  95. I collect American-made bags that I love (J.W. Hulme and vintage Coach – I refurbish the Coach bags) and offer some of them for sale in my eBay store at:

    I started doing this after getting frustrated at looking for a U.S. made bag among the popular U.S. designers and finding that while they are designed in the U.S., they are all actually made in China. To find a Coach bag that was made in the U.S. you have to look for one made no later than the early 2000s, which is when the last remaining American factories went out of business. I’d love it if Coach re-opened just one U.S. factory!

  96. You don’t mention kemestry. They manufacture leather, python and crocodile handbags in Florida. Kemestry is carried by better boutiques around the country. They also manufacture belts, cuffs, jewelry and gift items. There website is

  97. Billykirk has beautifully made leather and canvas bags made in the USA.

  98. I make beautiful leather bags in Rice, Minnesota. Check them out. Free shipping for the holidays!

  99. Tamra Phelps says:

    Wow, these all look gorgeous. I love big, leather bags, especially the camel-color ones.

  100. In need of a nice new bag now that spring is on it’s way! These all look like amazing quality! Thanks USALoveList!

  101. You should add Harveys to that list!

  102. You should check out Beargrass Leather. They are a small company in Montana, but each bag is handmade in extremely small quantities.

  103. Cassandra says:

    You guys need to check out the 100% American Made leather goods by URBAN SOUTHERN. These ladies’ goods made it into New York‘s fashion week!!! They have one heck of a story and their products are fabulous!

  104. Judy Garcia says:

    Thank you for this list of American made bags, it was because of this list that I now have a Cinda B bag!

  105. Oh my Victoria Leather makes fabulous handbags, luggage and small accessories wonderful!

  106. Rough & Tumble bags out of Maine. I met the owner when I visited there. Beautiful bags! I saw the sewing room and where they were actually being made.

  107. Rough & Tumble bags from the state of Maine – beautiful bags! The owner is a sweet lady who helped me find a bag I love. I saw the sewing room where the bags were all being sewn and made. Worth every penny to me!

  108. I like Wayfarer Tote in black.

  109. Sarara Couture, is designed and made in the US. It’s brand new as a bag brand, but we are known for crazy rare and good vintage accessories. We even source most of the materials like zippers here and the designs are innovative and pay homage to fashion design! I love my flip bag which is the newest one. I as the owner, really believe in American made luxury! I’m getting ready to roll out customization on the site too.

  110. R.Riveter bags are American-made!

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