Sunless Tanning Tips: Choose American Made Self Tanners You Can Trust

Sunless tanner tips and products for a flawless glow.
As we move into fall, we know you want to keep that healthy summer glow going as long as you can. Our secret: American made self tanning products. You’ll be glad to know that sunless tanning has come a long way. However, when it comes to self tanners, there is no time to gamble with unknowns. When you buy a product manufactured in the USA, you can have more confidence in the quality and consistency of the ingredients, not to mention the huge breakthroughs self tanning has had.

Sunless Tanning Tips: Choose American Made Self Tanners

There are many reasons to try the new generation of self tanners. Self Tanners offer:

  • less fake tanner scent
  • more consistent coverage
  • no streaking
  • “real” tan look – orange is gone
Sunless tanner provides an instant glow, safe from UV rays, helping us keep our skin youthful longer.  In the spring I use bronzing mousse to get instant color while a build a more tan complexion with a gradual tanner.  I usually keep using the same foundation and add some matte bronzer to pick up a little extra color on my face as well.

My favorite 2 American made sunless tanning products:

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
Apply this sunless tanning mousse with a mitt and you will look like you just stepped off a tropical island.  I have been using this one for three years and have yet to make a mistake with the mitt.

Self Tanning Tips | How to apply Self Tanner | Favorite Self Tanners | St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse | Made in USA

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola  Matte Bronzing Powder
Try some bronzer pressed powder on your face; it will help bring your foundation deeper to match your new tan.  Stick with a matte powder for this.  I use this to create slight contouring and then dust it all over to keep a natural look.

Hoola powder bronze | Sunless tanning tips | Made in USA

How to use sunless tanner

  • Always start by doing a dry exfoliation with a body mitt or brush.  Rinse off and keep your skin free of other products and oils to let the tanner do its job with the most even results.
  • Choose the right shade for your skin tone.  Going from very light to ultra dark will show streaks.  Change gradually for more natural looking results.
  • Work quickly applying self tanner to one area at time.  An example is starting below the knee then moving above the knee rather than the whole leg at once.
  • Apply an even amount.
  • Go easy on hands, feet, knees, elbows or any other dry areas.  If you are particularly dry here put a small amount of lotion on these areas only before applying the tanner.  It helps it to not absorb the tanner into the excessive dry spots but rather evenly coat it.


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Angie Barnes is a Beauty and Style Editor showcasing American made products in her realistic advice, practical routines and reviews. She also serves up professional makeup and skin care services as a Licensed Esthetician in a busy salon.


  1. Thanks for linking to the Tuesday Best of Beauty. A little self tan is perfect this time of year. Thanks for the tips. This week I'm featuring Eco Tools. You can check it out here:

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  2. Get 20% the Original Formula Lotion now through May, use code LOTION20 on the Fake Bake site. It truly is a fantastic formula with golden to olive undertones…NOT orange! 🙂
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  3. Angie, a great post. This is about the time of year that I start wearing blushes that hint of brown.
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  4. Thnak goodness they were able to get around the fake-y orange look! I’d like to try the St. Tropez
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  5. Maryann D. says:

    Great advise for self tanners. I do need a good product since I do not go out in the sun, so it is super to have Made In The USA options.

  6. Betsy Barnes says:

    This is great information. I used to use self tanners years ago, I bet they are way better now! 🙂

  7. Great tips! I used to use self tanner but I hated that awful smell. I’m more of a bronzer kind of gal now!

  8. Samantha says:

    I’ve heard lots of good things about the St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse.

  9. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Thanks for the self tanning tips. I had given up on self tanners. I like the idea of the St. Tropez bronzer with the application being done with a mitt. That way it will apply more evenly, and be more natural.

  10. Emily Endrizzi says:

    My skin is so pale and I can’t tan from the sun. I’ve tried and it just doesn’t work. I will have to try some of these great USA made self-tanners so I don’t glow-in-dark in my summer clothing!

  11. Powdered bronzer is the easiest to use. Plus, ni major time commitment!
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  12. ellen beck says:

    I havent used sellf tanners for years. The last time I did, I was all orange, my hands were orange and the backs of my leg and anywhere I couldnt reach was white as a ghost. It wasnt pretty. I may reconsider after reading this.

  13. Great info.! I love SUNLESSPRO Tanning Bronzer 360 Spray. It is vitamin D infused and never looks fake. And it is made in OHIO. You can buy it at salons but it can be $$$. The price is much lower on Amazon

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