As we head into warm weather, it is time to take care of your skin to repair any sun damage, while also keeping that summer glow going as long as possible. Self-tanner is the answer. In addition to not streaking or being orange, is it too much to ask for a tanning lotion that's also a non-toxic self-tanner made right in the USA?  Using self-tanner allows you an island glow without risking sun damage to your skin.  Traditional tanning lotions on the market are packed full of toxins.  However, now you can tan at home without swapping UV rays for toxins.

Looking for such a specific product does not yield many results.  Lucky for you, we did the research and the searching that makes shopping for an American made, non-toxic self-tanner pretty easy. You can trust these American made products. Give one a try.

Best Non Toxic Self Tanners

non toxic self tanner made in USA

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