Dry skin can be uncomfortable causing it to be flaky, tight, and crepe-like. I am going to tell you how to fix dry skin for good in six simple steps, using basic products I trust.

My sure-fire way to cure dry skin only uses a few skincare basics, paired with simple habits.  Dry skin is best soothed with healthy, whole products that do not contain aggravating ingredients.  These hand-selected and tested made in USA beauty products from Thesis are remarkably effective, working swiftly to produce smooth and hydrated skin.  I even found a couple of rare made in USA dehumidifier options for you. Taking care to keep your skin hydrated is a key component to warding off wrinkles.

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How to Fix Dry Skin

How to Fix Dry Skin in Six Simple Steps


  1. Choose a cleanser that is nourishing. Using a mild cleanser that is non-foaming will remove the dirt, makeup and oils without disruption to your skin's natural barrier.  
  2. Essential hydration will penetrate better once the dead skin cells have been shed. Do so with a physical exfoliation. Keeping those skin cells off the surface will allow the moisture to bind with the skin.
  3. Use a nourishing mask a couple times a week. You will get your best results right after an exfoliation. Cleanse, exfoliate and then mask the skin. This will give your skin the extra boost of antioxidants and humectants it needs to stay supple. 
  4. Always apply a rich moisturizer to hydrate, seal in benefits of treatments and add a protective barrier from the elements. 
  5. Pay attention to your water temperature. Hot water is too harsh and will strip the skin of its natural barrier, use only warm water to wash your face.
  6. Include the use of a humidifier in your home to combat forced dry air. Using the humidifier will put moisture in the air to ward off the effects of the hot, dry air on your skin.

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