If you find yourself asking, “why use sunscreen”, let me start by saying it is one of the leading causes of premature aging, causing things like:

  • dark spots (hyperpigmentation)
  • dehydration
  • sagging skin
  • dullness
  • deep wrinkles

In addition to these cosmetic woes, we have the more serious concern of skin cancer.  For years now, doctors and research scientists have warned us of the increased risk of skin cancer from too much unprotected sun exposure.  So stay pretty AND healthy by protecting your skin.  These following recommendations are my picks for the best American made sunscreens for the face.

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Prevention is the best beauty tip available.  There is a limit to how much damage modern products and treatments can fix.  Good skincare and sun protection are the best things you can do to preserve your skin's health.  So enjoy the summer sun, poolside parties and ball games, just do it with some SPF you can trust because it is American-made.

Everybody in the business of beauty and personal care is offering some kind of sun protection. We researched the options for sunscreen for the face made in the USA.

Best Sunscreens for the Face, All American Made

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Best sunscreens for the face, all American made via USA Love List