You may have heard that in December 2018, the passage of the Farm Bill allowed CBD production to be legal. CBD products are everywhere – and have been for some time now. This is a category where we want to be able to trust in the ingredients we are ingesting, so we will ONLY buy made in USA CBD products.  Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent choices.

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What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

Hemp-seed oils and CBD oils are different. Hemp oil is extracted from hemp seeds which contain almost no cannabinoids. CBD oil is typically extracted from the stalks, flowers, and leaves of hemp or cannabis plants which are full of cannabinoids (natural compounds) that are only found in the cannabis plant family. This oil is high in CBD and extremely low in the most well-known cannabinoid, THC. That means the oil is not psychoactive. CBD oil is known for its many health benefits including helping to reduce inflammation, anxiety, depression, stress, and muscle pain.

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Made in USA CBD Products We Love

For everything CBD:

JustCBD was founded on the basis that CBD is Mother Nature’s secret miracle. JustCBD believes that you have the right to know exactly what is inside your CBD items. It is their mission and promise to never misrepresent the content of their products. With the help of world-class labs to test all JustCBD products, there is proof and confidence that JustCBD products are made in the USA with industry-leading quality, honesty, and love. carries CBD gummies, CBD oil tinctures, CBD protein bars, CBD soaps and bath products, CBD dried fruits, CBD for pets, CBD pain cream, and more! Save now on your order: Receive 25% off with discount code USALOVE. Valid on orders over $20.
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Women Owned Business: Clover Gift Shop

Clover Gift Shop is a female-owned business in Woodstock, Vermont. Founded in 1928, and now owned by Patricia Eames for 11 years. This online CBD gift shop offers many Vermont made CBD products.  In 2018, Patricia created her own line of CBD infused products, including the Clover Apothecary CBD Oil- Orange Flavor.  Save 20% on Clover Gift Shop CBD oil and skincare products with discount code USALOVE for one-time use. No expiration date.

The Most Unique Flavored CBD Oil: CBDfx Lychee Lemon Kiwi CBD Tincture Oil

CBDfx offers CBD Dabs, CBD vegan gummies, and CBD Tinctures. Of all its products, the CBDfx Lychee Lemon Kiwi CBD Tincture Oil is the most unique to me. It is also the most uniquely flavored CBD oil I've seen on the market. It's made with only MCT Oil, organic natural flavors, and CBD Rich Hemp Oil. The oil comes from organically grown hemp that is extracted using CO2 Extraction Process and contains NO toxic pesticide residues or other harmful chemicals. It's available in three CBD concentrations including 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. Save 10% on CBDfx CBD items with discount code USALOVE One time use only, no expiration date. CBDfx CBD Hemp Oil Flavored Tincture Lychee Lemon Kiwi - 10% off CBDfx with discount code USALOVE

More Made in USA CBD Products

  • 4Corners Cannabis grows its hemp organically. They use their own strain of hemp and which they organically extract with sugar ethanol for the gentlest extraction. This process is not only gentle, but it also extracts polar/non-polar compounds for the fullest representation of the strain's top shelf genetics. This extraction process ensures that the compounds are in their most complete form. This tincture can be used daily, with a dropper-full under the tongue.
  • Ananda Hemp offers 600mg of active cannabinoids per bottle and 20mg of active cannabinoids per serving. This CBD oil offers the full spectrum of cannabinoids with zero THC. It's carried in organic, cold pressed hemp seed oil and made of only plant-based ingredients. This is another high-potency sublingual tincture we love for regular use.
  • Beekeeper's Natural B. Chill Honey is a soothing blend of nourishing raw honey and high potency hemp oil. Chilling out has never been sweeter. It is a 100% raw enzymatic honey blended with hemp oil, coconut medium chain triglycerides (MCT), and sunflower lecithin. Each 125mg jar contains 500mg high potency hemp oil. This honey is made with USA-grown hemp. B.Chill is non-psychoactive and contains 0% THC, meaning you get all the chill without the trip.Made in USA CBD Products: B-chill Raw Honey Hemp #hemp #usalovelisted #hempoil
  • CBD for Life tincture offers a unique combination of CBD isolate and phytocannabinoid-rich CBD oil that is boosted with nutraceutical-grade 99% pure CBD isolate, all derived from organic hemp. This tincture is made with CBD oil, nutraceutical-grade 99% pure CBD isolate*, and organic MCT oil. CBD for Life CBD oil is offered in both unflavored and peppermint flavors. CBD for Life is headquartered in New Jersey where the products are produced in a large-scale contract manufacturing facility.
  • Green Roads CBD Gummy Bears are a delicious way to consume all-natural CBD in a convenient gummy snack. Pharmacist-formulated and infused with 10 MG CBD per gummy, the Green Roads RELAX Gummy Bears are great to take before bed. CBD Products made in USA: Green Roads CBD Gummy Bears - Made in USA with 10 MG of CBD per Gummy #CBD #hemp #usalovelisted #madeinUSA
  • Hempure CBD Drops 250 mg is a great starter dosage and helps to elevate body and mind. The taste is clear and without the ‘hempy’ taste. These CBD Drops are also available in Lemon and Peppermint which are flavored with natural essential oils for a clean, refreshing mouthfeel. Combined with coconut oil, organically grown hemp extract, sunflower lecithin (non-GMO), and natural essential oils. CBD Drops drops are sugar-free, gluten-free, additive-free, vegan, and organically grown.
  • High Gorgeous Plain Jane Tincture is great if you're looking for a lightly sweetened formulation. It's made of fractionated coconut oil and CBD to make it easy to go down and help heal your mind, body, and soul. CBD Tincture can be used to treat anxiety, to help relax, and as an anti-inflammatory. High Gorgeous is an all-women company.
  • Infinite CBD isolate is unique because of the addition of cannabis-derived terpenes. The terpenes are added to optimize more of the effects unique to the plant's strain. One drop contains just .5 mg, 1, 2, 4 or 8.5 mg of pure hemp-derived CBD isolate. This mixture ratio of coconut oil to CBD allows the consumer to choose a low amount of CBD or a higher amount, depending on the magnitude of effects one feels.CBD products made in USA: CBD Infinite CBD Oil - 5000 mg per .3 ml #cbd #madeinusa #antiaging #antiinflammatory #drsebiapproved
  • Lazarus Naturals makes high potency CBD tinctures that are vegan and gluten-free without artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners. Made with fractionated coconut oil, hemp extract, and naturally derived flavors. The company strives to make its products accessible to everyone. To that end, Lazarus Naturals offer 60% off to veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and low-income households.CBD products made in USA: Lazarus Naturals High Potency CBD Tincture #cbd #madeinsua #usalovelisted
  • Mary's Nutritionals offers concentrated tincture containing 500mg of activated hemp extract in a 15mL bottle. It's mixed with cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil. The Remedy Oil packs 250 servings into just a half ounce bottle where only one single drop under the tongue constitutes a 2mg dose. We love the anti-inflammatory ingredients and how concentrated Mary's Nutritionals Remedy Oil is. 
Made in USA CBD Products: Mary's Nutritionals Remedy Oil - 2mg per drop - #cbd #cbdoil #madeinusa #antiinflammatory
  • Veggimins Turmeric CBD Oil offers the most anti-inflammatory ingredients including CBD and terpenes. Formulated with organic black pepper extract, turmeric, and botanical terpenes to help combat oxidative stress, this blend supports a balanced inflammatory response through this dynamic combination of ingredients. Each drop contains 20 mg CBD and there are 30 drops (1g) per bottle. Formulated with organically grown, raw hemp. I enjoyed taking Veggimins CBD Oil and can definitely ‘taste health' in each drop. If you enjoy the earthiness of turmeric, you'll especially love this CBD oil. 
  • XWERKS makes CBD oil that contains 600mg of full spectrum CBD. Each serving is 20 mg of CBD and there are 30 servings per bottle. Xwerks uses supercritical C02 extraction to process its hemp plants. This advanced extraction process yields the cleanest, purest hemp oil leaving the vital phytocannabinoids intact. Each serving also offers other naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids including terpens, and more. Designed for athletes, this CBD oil supports recovery from inflammation caused by exercise and training, relief from anxiety and stress, and it also offers better sleep and a general sense of calmness. Grown in Colorado, there are no solvents, herbicides, pesticides, additives or preservatives in Xwerks CBD Oil. This oil contains less that .3% THC. It is also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic.
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