My oldest kiddo will soon be embarking on his first ever OVERNIGHT summer camp experience and this momma has to make sure he has all of the gear and summer camp necessities he needs. I have questioned moms whose kids have been to camp before, and reviewed the required items checklist provided by the camp to see what I should be sending him off with. I compiled the data I collected and came up with this list. He WILL survive a week at summer camp with out his mom, and the American made summer camp necessities on this list will make sure that he does.

American Made Summer Camp Necessities

1. A PLASTIC FOOTLOCKER  My son will be staying in a tent for a week. Tents are wet, dirty, and buggy. A plastic footlocker, like the made in the USA Storage Locker with Wheels by Sterilite is perfect for summer camp. I can pack everything he needs in the footlocker and it will stay in good condition and in one organized location. Shhh…I keep telling myself this so it will be true!

Summer camp shopping list: Sterilite storage locker | Made in USA

2. A STASH OF TREATS  Candy is like gold at summer camp. A little stash of some of his favorite American made candy will be stowed away with his camping gear.  Cow Tales and Caramel Creams, both manufactured in Baltimore, Maryland by Goetze's Candy Company, don't melt and are nut-free so they are the perfect sweet treats to be stashed away in a footlocker in the summer. For more made in the USA candy options, check out our Candy Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source Guide

3. PLASTIC BAGS FOR EVERYTHING!  I hardly ever use plastic bags, but they are a HUGE help when trying to keep things clean and organized at summer camp. The 2.5 gallon size Ziploc bags are perfect to stuff outfits in- one outfit (shirt, shorts, socks, undies) in each bag. Did you know Ziploc bags are made in the USA?? Yes! Now this strategy might sound a bit over the top in organizing, but it keeps clothing dry, clean, and easy to find. The gallon size Ziploc bags are great for keeping shower and daily toiletries together. We all know how well kiddos close the tops on things like shampoo and toothpaste, so the leaks and messes will be contained!

4. TRAVEL SIZE TOILETRY STORAGE CONTAINERS    The American made brands of toothpaste and shampoo that we use don't come in travel sizes. Ah, but no worries! My kiddo can still bring the products he is used to using in re-usable storage containers.  The Container Store sells made in the USA Nalgene travel bottles in various sizes to hold shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. 

5. A HEAD LAMP   Head lamps are WAY cooler than hand held flashlights! Ha, at least in the eyes of an 8 year old boy. My kiddo will have a hand held flash light in his footlocker as well, but he LOVES to read before bed.  A headlamp, like the American made Princeton Tec  Bot Headlamp,  is perfect for reading at camp. I am sure he will be doing a lot of reading, right? Don't forget to pack the batteries!

Summer camp shopping list: A Princeton Tec headlamp | Made in USA

6. MOM REMEDIES   I won't be there to make sure he covers every bit of exposed skin with the American made sunblock I pack, so he will have Badger After Sun Balm on hand to sooth the burn.  For the bug bites he will get from not using enough of the bug spray I pack, there will be Topricin Junior to relieve the itching. If he is having a hard time falling asleep, I will make sure he has the Badger Night Night Balm to rub under his nose like, just like at home.  For more of my favorite American made mom remedies products, check out my Nine Natural Remedies for Summer Ailments article.

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