Made in Connecticut

What's made in Connecticut? Below you'll find every article we've ever published mentioning products made in the Nutmeg State. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know! Are you manufacturing products in Connecticut? Get on The List!

Made in USA Valentine Candy You Can Find At Target

Yes! American made Valentine candy does exist! It's not too hard to find either. On a recent trip to my local Target I perused the Valentine candy aisles and was surprised to find a very large selection of American made products. Whether you are looking for chocolates for your true love, or sweet treats for your kiddos' friends, you won't be disappointed by these made in USA candy options you're likely to find at your nearest pharmacy, grocery, or big box store. Remember these brands. Made in USA Valentine Candy Found at Target Target has a selection of small (3.25oz) boxes...

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Candy Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source List

Are you looking for candy made in the USA? Whether you prefer your candy sour or sweet, fruity or chocolatey, hard or chewy, you will find an American made candy option that's sure to please in this ultimate source list of nationally available American made candy. I am sure you will recognize many long loved candy brands, all still made in the USA. Candy Made in the USA: The Ultimate Source List This list is regularly updated. If your favorite American made candy isn't found below, let us know in the comments! Annie B's old fashioned caramels are natural and handmade....

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Five Made in USA Valentine Gifts for Kids

Valentine's Day is the only time of year my son thinks it's cool to be given something with a heart on it. Here are five unique made in the USA Valentine gifts for kidss that will bring smiles to the faces of kids of all ages who are close to your heart this Valentine's Day. Five Made in the USA Valentine Gifts for Kids 1. Created by Jim Clift and made in Rhode Island, the ‘My Heart Will Guide You Home' Compass makes a great gift for the adventurer (big or small!) on your list. 2. The Eco-friendly,  handmade heart from ViolaStudio has...

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Buying a Mattress: Made in USA Ultimate Source List

Is a new mattress on your list of things to purchase in 2017? A good mattress is an investment in your comfort and health, but it is also a good opportunity to buy American from a company you can trust. There are a surprising number of options. Don't miss this list of American made mattresses to get you started on your search for the perfect one! Buying a Mattress Made in USA: Top Picks CRāVE: Luxury Foam and Spring Hybrid Mattresses The CRāVE team knows that one mattress does NOT fit all which is why CRāVE offers 4 mattress styles to...

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For the Birds: Feeding Wild Birds All Winter Long With Made in the USA Products

Did you know that the best time to feed American wild birds is the winter months? We've found some American made supplies and we're here to help you find out how to choose a bird feeder and decide which bird food to use. To raise their metabolic rate and help them stay warm, food with high fat and high calorie content is important to a wild bird's diet during this coldest time of the year. With the ground frozen and snow covered,  food with natural protein content, like bugs and worms, can be challenging to find. Now is the...

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