American made clothing brands are near impossible to find on the racks in department stores and popular clothing stores. The good news is USA Love List editors have been searching for clothes made in the USA for OVER TEN YEARS, and over time we have found HUNDREDS of USA made clothing brands for men, women, and kids.

American Made Clothing

What clothing brands are made in the USA?

Our list of American made clothing brands includes companies that manufacture all or some of their products in the USA. We believe acknowledgment should be given for any effort a brand makes to create jobs and strengthen our economy right here in the United States. We have included made in USA clothing brands in our lists which source materials locally and globally. We do our best to let you know which products to look for if you want to buy clothes made in the USA.

Sadly, over the years we have also had to remove many clothing companies that we loved from our American Made List. Many clothing brands have chosen to move the manufacturing of their items overseas to make them cheaper for consumers.

To make it easier to find the made in the USA clothing you are looking for, we grouped all of the brands made in USA by category. We update our lists frequently to make sure that the made in America clothing brands that we have listed still have manufacturing facilities in the United States.

Why buy American made clothing?

We need to remember that cheaper is not better!

‘Fast fashion' is the term used to describe today's clothing manufacturing trend. Popular clothing brands like Shein, and Old Navy, and companies like Target and Walmart, turn to mass manufacturing. They look for facilities that can turn out trendy clothing quickly and in extremely large quantities. This ‘quantity over quality' clothing is made and sold cheaply. Most of these items only last a season or less in a consumers wardrobe and then they end up in the trash.

Not all clothes made in the USA are expensive! We have discovered many affordable clothing brands made in the USA.

Take the time to read about the true cost of fast fashion and feel good about investing the time and money to find American made clothing you love.

Clothing manufacturing in the In the United States has a smaller impact on our environment.

Manufacturing facilities in the states are cleaner on the environment than those in China, Indonesia, and other countries where fast fashion clothing is made. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has guidelines and strict regulations on manufacturing facilities. They focus on sustainable manufacturing and toxic chemical controls.

Clothing made in the USA is less likely to contain toxic chemicals like PFAS, lead, and phthalates. The EPA regulates the use of these chemicals in product manufacturing. Other countries do not. PFAS are found in water repellent products and can absorb into our skin and get into our bloodstream. PFAS are ‘forever chemicals' and they do not break down overtime.

Many of the clothing brands on our list have green manufacturing facilities powered by solar energy and use eco-friendly packaging.

Read more about 5 toxic chemicals used in fast fashion clothing, and how they can affect your immune system.

Clothing manufactured overseas uses more resources to get to consumers. Products need to be shipped or flown long distances using natural resources and fossil fuels. Many of the clothing brands on our list ship directly to consumers which lessons the environmental impact.

All American Clothing is a manufacturer and retailer of affordable made in USA clothing for women and men. Learn more about their history, mission, and legacy from the YouTube video below.

American Made Clothing Brands for Men, Women, and Kids by Category

Are you hunting for a particular category of American made clothing? We've got you covered with this huge list which includes American clothing brands that manufacture athletic wear, jeans, clothing for kids, swimwear, and so much more!! Is the category you are looking for not listed? Let us know in the comments below!




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