School started for us this week, and we really need a school morning routine to help us have a smooth start each day. Gone will be our mornings of sleeping in, eating breakfast when we are hungry, and moving at our own paces….ummm….wait a second…this sounds like us on school mornings as well, so who am I kidding?! I am on a mission this school year to start off our school day mornings with as little drama, tears, yelling, and rushing as possible. I thought about what worked for us in the past, and what triggers  those tears (sometimes mine), and that yelling (sometimes the kiddos'), and have come up with these four tips.

Ease Your Family Into a School Morning Routine with These Four Tips

1. Start the day off in good health. 

Back to school also means back to coughs, snot, fevers….Make sure your kiddos are getting the nutrients and vitamins they need to fight the nasty germs they are exposed to at school. My daughter lives on bread and chicken nuggets which definitely do NOT contain the vitamins that boost immunity. She also is not a morning eater. She starts her morning with a fruit and vitamin packed smoothie. Check out our suggestions for best children's vitamins (including smoothie boosters) made in the USA.

2. Make breakfast ahead of time.

Who has time to cook a healthy breakfast in the morning while trying to get the kiddos AND ones self ready for the day?? Umm, not me. I make double batches of whatever I cook for breakfast on the weekend, and freeze the extras to use during the week. My son LOVES pancakes and I take advantage of this and make my pancakes as vitamin and protein packed as possible.  Pumpkin Pancakes, using Bob's Red Mill American made products, are always devoured. This recipe can be used by those following a Paleo, low carb diet. I just like it  because these pancakes are packed with vitamins and nutrients. They are even great cold/warm and have been known to be eaten on the way to the bus stop. Follow my pumpkin pancake recipe for a breakfast high in immunity boosting vitamin A.

3. Try Original Sprout hair products for quick and easy hair management.

My daughter is on a mission to grow her hair long. This makes morning hair brushing a chore for sure, or it did before I discovered Original Sprout Miracle Detangler. A few squirts of this to her hair before brushing and the tangles come right out, and her frizzes are tamed. Confession: I substitute teach and sometimes get the phone call to work while I'm getting the kiddos ready in the morning. If there is no time to shower, I massage Original Sprout Conditioner into my dry hair, brush it, and pull it back into a pony tail. The conditioner tames my frizzes, as well as makes my hair smell fabulous! Visit the Original Sprout Amazon store.

4. Be Organized!

The absolute best way to make morning go smoothly for EVERYONE is to be organized! For me, this takes a dry erase board on my kitchen wall to keep track of the kiddos special classes (library, gym, music) schedule, after school activities, project due dates….if the kiddos can see that it is their gym class day, they know to have their sneakers on, if it's library day, they make sure the library books are in their back pack. If it's on the board that I have a meeting that evening, it means early dinner and my son knows not to make a play date with his BFF after school. I looked EVERYWHERE for an American made dry erase board and finally found one made by Ghent.

get into a school morning routine with this 4 tips

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