I read a lot of recipes, tips, and helpful hints, but today is the day that I found the best, most perfectly timed tip ever. I tried it. It worked perfectly. Read on to find out the trick to make Egg Salad the fast and easy way, and you get to use your Made in USA KitchenAid Mixer too!

This is so simple, it is silly, but my friend Darla DeMorrow of HeartWork Organizing posted this on Facebook and I had one of those “Why didn't I think of that??” moments. Here it is.

Use Your KitchenAid Mixer to Make Egg Salad

Duh. SO easy!! Skip all of the chopping, mashing, and mixing I used to do. Just dump your eggs, mustard and mayo into your mixer and let it do the work. I don't even have a recipe for you. Just eyeball it, or make it the way you usually do, but WAY easier.

Darla reports that if you slice the eggs in half, it gets started more easily, but I didn't do that because, 1) I didn't think of it and 2) I wanted to fully appreciate the lack of chopping required. I used the regular white paddle mixer attachment and I did have a couple of exciting moments when I wondered if the mixer would just send the slippery eggs flying out of the bowl.

But use your hands or the splash guard to keep everything in the mixing bowl and in a matter of moments, the beater will chop the whites in a pleasing, not-too-uniform-so-it-must-be-homemade way while blending the yolks, mayo, and mustard into a light, fluffy dressing. You could add chopped celery or any other ingredients your grandma used, but I was thrilled with mine just the way it was.

How do you use your KitchenAid Mixer? Did you know it was assembled in Ohio?

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