Are you looking for tools made in the USA? Are some of the Craftsman tools on your tool bench made in the USA ten years ago and you are wondering if they are still made in America? Well, you have come to the right spot. We did the research to find out where Craftsman tools are made today so you don't have to.


There are still some CRAFTSMAN tools made in the USA. A selection of hand tools, power tool, outdoor equipment, and rolling workshops are made in the USA using materials from around the world. Since it's purchase of CRAFTSMAN tools from SEARS in 2017, Stanley Black and Decker has been committed to bringing jobs back to America. However, it is imperative that you read the labels carefully because you can't lean on the brand name as an indicator of 100% domestic manufacturing. You'll need to verify each item.

Craftsman currently has manufacturing facilities in 14 states. A new factory making Craftsman hand tools just opened in Fort Worth, Texas in late 2020 with another one coming soon in Virginia, but there are still several items with the. Craftsman label produced in China and Taiwan. And all of the domestically produced products are labeled “Made in the USA from globally sourced materials”. But it is rare to see a sector or company increasing its American manufacturing so we are thrilled to give credit where it is due.

CRAFTSMAN Tools Made in the USA

Since 2018 CRAFTSMAN has been making it a point to bring manufacturing jobs back to the USA. Have you spotted any American made CRAFTSMAN tools that we didn't include on this list? let us know in the comments below.

Made in Missouri

Select Craftsman tool chests and rolling storage units are made in Sedalia, Missouri from parts sourced globally.

Made in Connecticut

New Britain, Connecticut is the manufacturing location for select CRAFTSMAN tape measures.

Made in Iowa

Select manual tools are manufactured in Fairfield​​​​​​​, Iowa from parts sourced globally.


Didn't find the CRAFTSMAN tool made in the USA that you were looking for? No worries. We found tools from other American manufacturers and we have compiled a list. Check out our popular lists below!

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