I was recently offered a chance to experience first-hand the luxurious sleepwear made by SNOA in San Francisco.  I've fallen in love. My day is made because I get to tell you what I love about it and share a generous gift card with one of our readers.

Made in California, SNOA Sleepwear

SNOA Sleepwear was conceived on a foggy, frigid, San Francisco night when SNOA's founder, Anh Oppenheimer, slipped into bed with the simple goal of looking sexy and feeling warm. Donning a skimpy, black negligee, oversized sweatshirt and chubby ski socks, she failed miserably.

Not wanting to repeat this frumpy fashion faux pas, Anh decided to create the very first luxury line of women's sleepwear devoted to looking sexy and feeling warm. That was in 2011.

Recognizing that women love to feel both comfortable and irresistible all year long, SNOA expanded its collection by creating sleepwear designed for all seasons so that women can look sexy and feel luxurious every night.

Here is what we love about this American made sleepwear brand:

  • Entire collection is manufactured in the USA
  • Made in San Francisco under good conditions and fair wages
  • Made with the most eco-friendly fabrics available
  • Made with layers of soft modal jersey trimmed with silk, satin or organic bamboo fleece
  • A portion of profits go to protect polar bear habitats

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I have been searching my whole life for a long-sleeved nightgown that doesn't make me look like a granny.  I thought that idea was an elusive unicorn until I met SNOA. They offered and I eagerly accepted a sample gown. I chose the exact one in the large photo above. No, that picture is not me, but yes, I do feel as sexy as that photo.

As you know, we only share American made stuff we love on this site. When I first saw SNOA, if I can be honest, I wasn't sure about a $125 nightgown. I'm so glad I got to experience this brand first hand. I'm not kidding when I say I may never be able to sleep in another fabric again. Within 30 minutes of receiving this gown, I was back on the SNOA website thinking about what I would order next.

Can't wait to place your order? Use promo code USALL101 for 20% off of any SNOA purchase. Expires 4/8/16. Shop now.

I'm so impressed by the total package SNOA offers.  I love that their line is made just miles from their offices in San Francisco by people working in good conditions with fair wages.  I love that it lets me be sexy and cozy at the same time with pretty details and designs for all seasons.  I love that they influence manufacturers toward eco-friendly organic choices by insisting on the best, most environmentally conscious fabrics.  I love that this company was founded by a mom and devotes a portion of profits to polar bears. I really don't think anything could make me feel better than slipping into SNOA, but all of these things give a girl like me sweet dreams.

I'm not kidding when I say I may never be able to sleep in another fabric again.

Our Picks

SNOA Sleepwear First Kiss Babydoll Nightie. Sexy, cozy, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Enter to win a $125 eGiftCard. Ends 3/31/16.
First Kiss Babydoll Nightie Flattering double layer, short length, deep neckline, ultra soft modal, pretty details. $120

SNOA Sleepwear Oh Boy Shorts and Tank. Sexy, cozy, eco-friendly and made in the USA. Enter to win a $125 eGiftCard. Ends 3/31/16.
Oh Boy Shorts & Andie Tank Cap and long sleeve tops, long pants available for year round mix & match. Shorts $75 and Tank $95

SNOA Sleepwear Hot Toddie Nightgown
Hot Toddie Nightie Luxe Bamboo Fleece trim at neckline and asymmetrical hem. $160



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