When the hubby and I first bought our house, the property was covered with gorgeous, impeccably tended flower gardens. Perfect!, I thought. I can totally keep these flower beds up…and add a nice vegetable garden in the back…..Then, toddlers happened.

Tending a garden with small kids in tow became more of a challenge than I was prepared for. My daughter loved to help with the weeding, but was famous for pulling out the weeds AND the plants. My son did not like getting dirty, which made it very hard for me to keep him happy while I got garden work done.

Over the years I have learned to find ways to keep my kids occupied and involved with gardening in ways that suit their likes, attention spans, and age ability.

Kids' Gardening Tips & Natural, American Made Product Suggestions

1. Grow a theme garden. Kids of all ages love theme gardens! We've had a salsa garden, a pizza garden, and a butterfly garden. My kids pick a theme and we work together planning what plants they'll need. Having their own garden space to take care of, really keeps them involved the whole growing season. This year my daughter is already planning her salad garden. I have my eye on Seedballz Mesclun Salad, Cucumber, and Edible Flower seed packs.  Seedballz are seeds rolled into natural clay and soil hummus by employees with disabilities. These seedballs are larger than individual seeds and look easier for smaller fingers to control when planting.
Seedballz via YouChange.Earth911.com #AmericanMade #natural

2. Provide kids with safe, age appropriate garden tools and supplies.
 Garden tools for adults can be too heavy for small hands to maneuver and too sharp for kids to handle safely. The Green Toys Indoor Garden Kit is made from recycled plastic and comes with a trowel that is the perfect size for a little gardener.

3. Plan a fun activity that will keep the kids occupied while you tend garden.  My kids love being by my side, which can make gardening activities quite challenging at times. I have found if I plan a kid level activity that they can tackle mostly on their own but nearby, I have more time to get things accomplished. What kid doesn't love to make mud pies and mud cookies? A bucket of dirt, some water, and a few old baking tools would keep my kiddos busy….dirty, but busy!

4. Kids are not always going to be interested in plants and gardening, and that's OK! There are other ways they can be involved.  Gardening is a family affair in this household, but sometimes one of my kids isn't into helping tend plants. There are other ways that they can be involved. Older kids can help put up fencing or build raised beds.  Garden decorations, like the garden flags made with the Natural Earth Paint Earth Flag Craft Kit, make a colorful addition to any garden and are a fun project for kids of all ages.
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