Oh, man! I've been doing a lot of research lately on safe, natural, American made non-toxic beauty products that don't have harmful ingredients in them. I know that sounds weird. How could baby products have harmful ingredients like petroleum? Well, there is so much green washing, it's difficult to know what products are really natural. You can be sure that these petroleum free baby products are.

I've done multiple online searches trying to find brands that offer the safest alternatives for babies. Even the brands you think are safe, because you know them, you use them, or they appear to be green-friendly, surprisingly, many of them are not.

I started using an app called Think Dirty. You scan your bath and beauty products to see what ingredients are in them. If they are harmful, you can see what harm they cause.

Many baby products contain synthetic ingredients that are known carcinogens, and linked to cancer. I think that's pretty scary, so I wanted to provide brands and products that offer safe alternatives. Naturally, all of my picks are American Made too.

Petroleum Free Baby Products

Please consider sharing this post with anyone who's pregnant or has children. I encourage you to scan one beauty product you use daily with the Think Dirty app. See what ingredients are in it, and if they are harmful, find out what the side effects of that ingredient are.