Playtex is one of the most popular undergarment brands in America, but are Playtex bras made in the USA? The Playtex brand is common to spot in big box stores across the country and popular Playtex bras include Cross Your Heart, 18 Hour, and Playtex Secrets. Playtex has been manufacturing undergarments since 1947. They were the first company to advertise undergarments on television (1950s), and to show a women in a bra in a television commercial (1970s). The Playtex apparel line, which includes bras, underwear, and more, was sold to Hanesbrands Inc in 2006. Playtex bras and other Hanes brand bras like Bali and Maidenform, are also found in big box stores nationwide.

Are Playtex bras made in the USA?

Nope. Hanesbrand Inc. is an American owned company headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, but the manufacturing facilities for Playtex bras are located around the world, and Playtex bras are not made in the USA. Playtex has 75 years of history in the undergarment industry as an American owned company, so it is disappointing that there are no Playtex bra manufacturing facilities in the USA!

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