Honestly, I thought it was going to be a struggle to find enough made in USA sunglasses to create a source list. However, to my surprise, there are numerous options for American made sunglasses and eyeglasses!

Our list of sunglasses made in the USA includes many brands that you will recognize because they are known world-wide for making the best sunglasses. You will also discover high quality sunglass brands and eyewear brands that you have never heard of.

Wearing a pair of quality sunglasses or eyeglasses can make a difference in how we look, how we feel, and of course, how we see. The best quality sunglasses and eyeglasses will cost more, but with the proper care, they will last longer too. Actually, the made in USA sunglasses brands on this list cost no more than their foreign made competitors.

Made in USA Sunglasses: AO Eyewear Vintage sunglasses #madeinUSA #sunglasses
American Optical (AO) vintage classic made in USA sunglasses

Most of the brands you see on this list manufacture their fames in the USA, but the lenses might be made overseas. At USA Love List we support every effort a company makes to keep jobs on American soil, and we encourage our readers to do so as well.

Made In USA Sunglasses & Eyeglasses: The Ultimate Source List

This list contains the best sunglasses brands and eyeglasses brands made in the USA that would could find. Did we miss your favorite brand? Let us know in the comments below.

  • American Optical (AO) is the oldest optical company in American history. They have been manufacturing eyewear since 1833. AO Eyewear sunglasses are vintage and timeless fashion pieces and are available in many styles. The Original Pilot aviator sunglasses have been a favorite of US military pilots since 1958. The Saratoga frames are available in black, clear and tortoise. There are other frame styles to choose from as well. Note: The frames are American made and the lenses are imported. Visit the AO Eyewear Amazon shop.
  • Arc-Iris wood framed sunglasses are designed and made in the USA. Note: The frames are American made, but the lenses are imported.
  • Charlie V. wrap around sport sunglasses and wood frame sunglasses are designed and made in the USA. You can even order prescription lenses for your Charlie V. frames.
  • Fatheadz makes select styles of their sunglasses in the USA. They specialize in oversized eyewear and sunglasses for wide heads. Shop Fatheadz polarized sunglasses at Amazon.
  • FramesDirect.com, an online retailer of  eyeglasses and sunglasses, offers a selection of made in USA eyewear, including Randolph Engineering Aviator and Shuron sunglasses.
  • Gatorz  is known for their popular wrap around made in USA sunglasses. They are handcrafted in Yuma, Arizona from American metal. Prescription lenses are available. Shop the Gatorz Amazon store.
  • Lowercase sunglasses and optical frames are handcrafted in New York City.
  • Parkman handcrafted sunglasses are American made. They offer several styles of frames including wood frames and frames made from plant-based plastic.
  • Randolph Engineering sunglasses are handcrafted in 200+ steps in Massachusetts, USA. The company started in 1972 and in the late 1970’s Randolph Engineering started manufacturing Mil-Spec Aviator sunglasses for the United States Air Force as a subcontractor producing in excess of 200,000 sunglasses annually. Shop Randolph Engineering on Amazon.
  • Shwood sunglasses for men and women are made in Portland, Oregon from materials sourced from around the world. Shop Shwood sunglasses at Amazon.

  • Shuron has been producing glasses in the US since 1865 and sell the same sunglasses frames that were supplied to the US Army and US Air Force during WWII. It doesn’t get more patriotic than that. Their Ronsir frame style is the frame that defined the 1950s. Shuron glasses are custom made to order.

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