Teen beauty and personal care items should be easy on the budget and healthy on the body.  Here I have listed made in USA tween and teen beauty, personal care products.  Some are essential. I chose each one to save time, add a smile to the morning struggle face, and have schedules running smoothly.  

Made in USA Tween and Teen Beauty, Personal Care Products We Love

When you are shopping for deodorant for a growing kiddo you want to take extra care to keep harmful ingredients off their bodies. But let's be honest we also don't want them to stink.  ZAK Detox Deodorant is handmade in small batches and with a formula that is 100% earth and plant sourced. It's safe for sensitive skin and all ZAK Detox Deodorant products are aluminum free, petroleum free, paraben free, GMO free, and phthalates free.  ZAK Detox Deodorant is featured in Best Natural Deodorant Brands, Made in USA.  Made in USA Tween and Teen Body, Personal Care products: ZAK Detox Deodorant #usalovelisted #backtoschool
Do you have a teen that is dabbling with wearing makeup? Make sure that the beauty products that are touching your teen's skin are natural and non toxic. Moody Sisters natural beauty products for hair, body, and face are all made in the USA in small batches from natural and organic ingredients. All Moody Sisters products contain NO harsh chemicals and are free of synthetic fragrance and dyes.

Made in USA Tween Teen Beauty and Personal Care: Good for you Girls

Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac hand sanitizer.  Back to school means back to colds with the flu fast on its heels, making miniature sized, germ-killing gel very popular.  Bath and Body Works happily accommodates the obsession with countless special packages, scents and limited editions.
Made in USA Tween and Teen Beauty, Personal Care Products: Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer #usalovelisted #madeinUSA #backtoschool
Neutrogena Cleansing Towelettes are a busy person's dream. No sink, no time, no problem.  A couple of shortcuts here and there come in handy.  A few quick swipes and you have washed off all the day's dirt and oil from your face.  Teens especially should stash these in their gym bag and locker.
Made in USA Tween and Teen Beauty, Personal Care Products

EOS, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth have been made popular by their egg-shaped lip balm.  EOS lip balm comes in a variety of flavors. Also available organic. Stock up with a six pack!


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Do you have a favorite morning routine, product or ritual to get your day started off on the right foot? Do tell in the comments below.