Graduation days are swiftly approaching. It's an exciting time for those who've dedicated countless hours to studying and writing papers. Now it's time to reward them with a great gift. We're thinking ahead to make it easier for you to buy Made in USA.

Unique College Graduation Gifts, All American Made

Authenticity50 Luxury Bedding

Make sure that grad gets some well deserved and well-needed rest!  Nothing beats a good night's sleep to recharge the body and soul, especially when sleeping nested in the comfort of luxury, American made bedding. Authenticity50 luxury signature sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases are made from California grown Supima cotton, which not only ensures soft and comfortable bedding products but also that those luxury bedding items will last for years to come. Don't miss our source list for made in USA bedding for more American made bedding options. 

American Made Unique College Graduation Gifts featuring Authenticity 50 luxury bedding #authenticity50 #usalovelisted
Unique college graduation gifts- Oakley sunglasses #graduationgifts #usalovelisted

A cool pair of American made sunglasses by Oakley make a stylish and unique college graduation gift.  Oakley sunglasses are available in many designs for men and women. Don't miss our source list of made in USA sunglasses for more options. 

shinola unique college graduation gifts #usalovelisted

Give the gift of time with a watch made with pride in Detroit, Michigan. Shinola luxury watches are available in men's and women's models and in designs for every personality.  Don't miss our source list for American made watches

Unique College graduation gifts: American Made Coffeemaker From Aerobie #usalovelisted #graduation

Coffee is a must have for most of us, especially when it comes to getting to work in the morning! With the Aeropress coffee and espresso maker, your grad will be able to enjoy a fine cup of coffee or an espresso every morning. For more gift ideas for the coffee lover, don't miss American Made Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers, All Under $30


Parker pens : Unique college graduation gifts #usalovelsited

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Unique College Graduation gifts that we love, all American made

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