Giveaway: Tips For Organizing Your Purse – Enter to Win a Tool to Help

Quick and Easy Tips For Organizing Your Purse via

Yes, it’s Spring! While everyone is excited for a new, and warmer, season, it’s time to get organized. Putting your best face forward means eliminating clutter, even in your purse. Here are easy tips for organizing your purse. Let’s get started. Don’t worry this won’t take long.  Lighten Your Load: Start by removing everything from […]

Hat Care: How To Store Your Hats + Hat Organization Tips

Tips on how to store your hats - Plus spring style with American made hats

You may wonder how to store your hats if you own several.  Keeping some kind of order will be helpful in keeping your wardrobe organized and items in good condition.  The important part is to keep your hat collection from getting dusty and misshapen. Here’s how:

Zkano Sale: Shop American Made Socks For The Entire Family

Made in USA Socks from Zkano  | #AmericanMade #MadeinUSA #SockStyle #Zkano

Zkano‘s made in USA socks are made in Fort Payne, Alabama, the former sock capital of the world. You may have seen our most recent feature about the brand when they celebrated five years in business last October. Gina Locklear, Zkano founder and owner, has a really powerful story. Her grandmother knitted socks in the 50s at the first sock […]

Shamrock-in’ Style With American Made Fashion Picks From Nordstrom

St. Patrick's Day Style Ideas via

 St. Patty’s Day is today! You don’t have to wear a green t-shirt that says, “Happy St. Patty’s Day!” to be festive. I’m all about being pratical, so I’m not the type to purchase something I can wear one day a year. Here are simple way to wear American made fashion and incorporate green into an […]

Get moving this spring in a pair of American Made SOM sneakers {Giveaway}


Spring is in the air, FINALLY!  The warmer weather means it’s time for me to get back to hiking and walking outside and back in the fresh air. I am BEYOND ready to ditch my snow boots until next winter, and there is nothing I would like better to replace them with than a pair of American made […]

Giveaway: Made In The USA Hats – $100 Gift Card With

Enter to win $100 to spend on American Made hats at via is a large online hat retailer.  They have an exclusive made in the USA hat category to make shopping American made easier. is a supporter of American Made Matters – an effort to support and grow our domestic economy. We’re thrilled that they are sponsoring this week’s giveaway, big time.

6 Stylish Ways To Wear A Hat

Made in USA hats + stylish ways to wear them.

Wearing a hat doesn’t have to be a messy afterthought.  There are stylish ways to wear a hat and every time I wear one I get a flood of compliments. Always start off with a solid made in the USA hat because good quality goes a long way. 

Three Tips For How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Three Tips For How To Wear A Scarf To Update Your Look For Any Season

Do you wear lots of black? Do you feel like your outfits seem to look the same everyday? If you’re like me, you might answer yes to both questions. Follow these three tips for how to wear a scarf to update your look for any season. See my top six American made scarf picks too!

Our Fashion Editor’s 8 Favorite American Made Jewelry Sources

American Made Jewelry, We Love via

Here are some of our fashion editor’s favorite American made jewelry brands. From modern and contemporary, to baroque and antique, there are styles for everyone. What’s your favorite piece of American made jewelry?

Winter Wonderland: 5 American Made Cold Weather Picks for Kids

#madeinUSA Winter Wonderland wit these 5 American made items for kids

Outdoor play doesn’t have to come to an end when the temperatures drop. Here are 5 American made items that will turn the outdoors into a winter wonderland for kiddos of all ages.

Three Rules For Dressing Your Best, For Every Body Type

How to Dress for Your Body Type (and the figure flattering American made brands we love) via

If you follow my Made in USA fashion advice, you know that I’m not a fan of trends – I am a fan of being on trend. You want your style to be current and modern, while still figure flattering. Here are three rules for dressing you best, for every body type. 

Hey Sexy, Don’t Miss Our Valentine’s Ultimate Source List for Lingerie Made in the USA

The ultimate source list for lingerie made in the USA (via

Ladies, share this post with your special someone right now. Go ahead and drop a hint for Valentine’s Day. Don’t want to wait all the way until Valentine’s day? I’ll vouch for you…your splurge purchase is actually an investment in the hard-hit American garment industry.  We have an entire list of lingerie made in the […]

Favorite LL Bean Products Made in the USA

L.L. Bean carries several American Made products. Here are some of our favorites. (via

L.L. Bean is one of many American retailers dedicated to providing their customers with products manufactured in the United States. To be clear, not all of their products are made in the USA, but they do make an effort. On their website, L.L. Bean has this to say about their “Made in the USA” products:

American Made Cold Weather Accessories: The Ultimate Source List For Men, Women, & Kids

Cold Weather Accessories Made in USA {for Men, Women, and Kids}

The weather is getting colder across the country and it’s time to warm up. Are you looking for American made cold weather accessories? Here is the USA Love List ultimate source list for Made in USA winter hats, gloves, scarves, and other cold weather accessories for men, women, and children.

Give Him American Made Gifts He’ll Love

American Made Gifts For Him - He Will Love Barberry Coast Shave Co. Gifts For Valentines Day via

Get your man looking and smelling good. Here are a few American made gifts he is sure to love. Buying American for a special occasion sometimes requires planning ahead, but he’s worth it (and so are these gifts).

10 Made in USA Sweaters We Love

10 Made in USA Sweaters We Love

I went hunting for sweaters made in the USA and found a treasure trove at Nordstrom. Snow angels, hot chocolate, snuggling with a book, and watching sports on tv. These are just a few of the things I love about winter. Cozy sweaters are also a winter must-have. Here are my favorites:

10 Things We Love, Made in Washington State

10 Things We Love in Washington State

Are you ready for 10 Things We Love, Made in Washington State? You wish you could live in Washington State, I know.  Despite the fact that it rains a lot here, Washington is still one of the most beautiful states in the nation.  Washingtonians are very outdoorsy given our wonderful mountains, beautiful coastline and enchanting […]

Wearable Style Tips On How To Mix Prints {American Made Fashion}

mixed pattern

You can do it! I promise. But the question is…  how to mix prints?  Mixing prints, patterns and textures can open up your wardrobe possibilities without ever going shopping, or open up your shopping excursions to new worlds of possibilities.  There is a fine line between looking like a mismatched hot mess and a woman […]

Giveaway: Win American Made Fashion From Covered Perfectly

American Made Fashion From Covered Perfectly via #Fashion #AmericanMade #Style #StyleChat

If you’re like me, you might be sick of your winter clothing, and having to get all bundled up, so I’m giving you something to look forward to. Bright, comfortable, and fashionable American made fashion from Covered Perfectly. When I first introduced USA Love List readers to Covered Perfectly last February, they were only selling […]

Winter Style: Tips For Wearing Layers This Season


When layers are worn right, it creates a pulled together outfit that creates both shape and style.  Layering myth alert – some say it makes you look more bulky.  False, friends.  Layers done right pass off a posh silhouette.   Employ some method to your madness with some easy layering guidelines to avoid the frumpy feeling.

Giveaway: American Made Fashion Basics From Goodwear

Goodwear American Made Fashion Affordable via

Quality clothing’s difficult to find. I love Goodwear’s American made clothing because it lasts. Goodwear has been manufacturing high quality American made fashion basics like tee shirts, sweatshirts, and other casual menswear, made from American grown cotton since 1983.

American Made Holiday Clothing For Kids

Kids Holiday Clothing

The holidays are quickly catching up to us. It’s time to figure out what the kiddos are going to be wearing to holiday functions. It’s tricky, but not impossible to find cute dresses for girls to wear this holiday season. However, finding American made dress clothes for boys is a bit more challenging. Here is […]

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List


We’ve had many inquires about American made shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find.  I’ve put together a pretty extensive list. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Giveaway: Cleavitz Crop Top – An American Made Style Accessory

Cleavitz review and #giveaway.

The Cleavitz crop top is an American made fashion accessory.  Really it’s more than that because, in addition to an easy layer, it can be worn alone.   With quality and craftsmanship in mind, Cleavitz is made in the Garment District in NYC.  Their look book has a sample of all the styles. The pictures really […]

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