American Made Wedding Gifts: Eight Things They Didn’t Put On Their Registry

American Made Wedding Gifts From Salt Marsh Pottery via

I really love buying American made when I’m purchasing gifts for others. When it comes to wedding gifts, I like purchasing something that will remind the happy couple of their special day. Here are USA Love List’s recommendations for American made wedding gifts they forgot to put on their wedding registry.

Made in USA Socks – Our Top Ten Source List

Made in USA Sock Brands via

USA Love List readers looking for made in USA socks, you’ve come to the right place. Check out exclusive discounts, and even FREE sock offers. We found made in USA socks starting at under $10, so buying American made socks is just another easy way to support our economy!

Four Sources for Made in the USA School Uniforms

Made in the USA School Uniforms

Are you looking for Made in the USA school uniforms or basic kids’ clothing to meet a school dress code? Polo shirts and dress slacks are articles of clothing that are being added to an increasing number of back to school shopping lists this year.   In today’s world, uniform shopping is not only reserved for […]

Giveaway: American Made Wicking Underwear from Knock Out!

American Made Wicking Underwear from Knock Out!

At USA Love List, we only share things we love, and Knock Out! REALLY is a brand we love. Words really can’t express how much I appreciate the utility and functionally of Knock Out! underwear. Although these undergarments may appear to be like others you’ve seen before, they are far from it. Knock Out!’s American […]

American Made Fashion: How To Wear Black in the Summer

American Made Fashion from Second Base via

You already know Second Base offers some of my favorite American made fashion, especially when it comes to foundational pieces. I love wearing black. Doesn’t every woman? It’s easy. It goes with everything and it creates the foundational color of your look.

Simple Style Tips For Building A Foundational Wardrobe

Simple Style Tips

It can be stressful to create an outfit that projects your most confident self. These simple style tips make it easy to build your wardrobe with foundational on-trend pieces. Watch this short video to see my four simple style tips aimed at slimming and buying a wardrobe that transcends time and the seasons.

My Five Best Anti-Aging Tips For Your Face From SPF Addict

{My twin, Erin, my friend, Lindsay, and I at the Westport Rivers Winery.}

I just came back from a fun summer vacation in Westport, Massachusetts. I absolutely love going there. It’s a relaxing town on the Westport River, which opens up to the Atlantic Ocean. From musseling to boating and sailing and having a sunset picnic at the local winery, I spent a lot of time in the […]

5 ‘Made In USA’ Crowdfunding Campaigns You’ll Want to Know About Right Now

#madeinUSA Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns are created when business owners need to seek financial assistance to make their dreams a reality. The following companies really stood out to USA Love List as ‘Made in USA ‘ entrepreneurs and visionaries.  You can show your support of their goals by pledging  money to these campaigns if you can, and sharing […]

Style Tips For Finding The Right American Made Swimsuit

Beach Style Tips American Made

Swimwear is probably the most daunting clothing item to search for. Here are four style tips to keep in mind when shopping for an American Made swimsuit that makes you look and feel your best while at the beach or pool this season.

American Made Handbags: The Ultimate Source List

American Made Handbags on

American made handbags are hard to find, so we’ve put together an ultimate source list for you. While some of these handbags are a small investment, all of these brands offer quality products and many of these brands offer lifetime warranties. Let us know which bag is your favorite in the comments section!

10 Things We Love, Made in Washington State

10 things we love, made in Washington state

Are you ready for 10 Things We Love, Made in Washington State? You wish you could live in Washington State, I know.  Despite the fact that it rains a lot here, Washington is still one of the most beautiful states in the nation.  Washingtonians are very outdoorsy given our wonderful mountains, beautiful coastline and enchanting […]

Enter to Win a 3 Month StyleBox Subscription from Jamberry Nails


Feeling patriotic? Feeling like some summer fun? We have a treat for you: a HUGE giveaway from Jamberry Consultant Jenna Urban. We’re thrilled to be featuring Utah-made Jamberry nails again because they are an exciting product from a growing company. And did I mention how much fun they are?

Made in the USA for 100 Years: 10 of the oldest American made products

oldest American Made products

Can you believe that there are products still made in the USA today, that were made here before the United States of America even existed?  The editors at USA Love List went on the hunt for 10 companies that have manufactured their products in America for over one hundred years. Here are our favorites of the oldest […]

Our Fourth of July Guide to Made in the USA Patriotic Gear and Cookout Supplies

Fourth of July Ultimate Source List

This year celebrate the Fourth of July with true patriotism. Support America’s independence from foreign manufacturers and buy ‘Made in the USA’ whenever possible! At USA Love List, we have worked hard searching for the best American made Fourth of July celebration necessities so you don’t have to! Made in the USA BBQ, picnic and […]

Summer Style Tips + a Hard Tail Forever Maxi Dress Giveaway

American Made Fashion via

If you’re anything like me, you want to transition your look from one season to another. Here are a few simple tips. Earlier this week I shared my three tips for keeping the classic black and white look on trend: Accessorize your outfit. Make sure to add an eye catching necklace or earrings. Add a […]

American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List

Shoe Brands Made in USA

We’ve had many inquires about American made shoes. I admit, they are difficult to find.  I’ve put together a pretty extensive list. Let me know if I’ve missed anything!

Berry Picking, Drive-In Movies, and Summer Style Tips for an All American Summer

Summer Style Tips From

I love that I can work from anywhere while working for USA Love List. Last week I spent time in New Jersey where my family lives. When my sister, Erin, and I were growing up, we would visit our grandparents for an extended period. They had a garden with everything from stone fruits, berries, tomatoes, […]

Five American Made Patriotic T Shirts for 4th of July and All Year Long

Patriotic T Shirts #madeinUSA

Do NOT buy an American Flag T-shirt to wear on the 4th of July with a “Made in China” tag on it. Do NOT do it. Just, don’t. M’kay? Just in time for the Fourth of July, the editors at USA Love List have put together a collection of American made patriotic T shirts that […]

American Made Vacation Giveaway: Win a Cinda b Beach Bag and a complete set of Travel Accessories

American Made Fashion From Cinda b

We know our readers LOVE Cinda b. Who could blame them? The brand is nothing short of perfect. The patterns are fun and colorful, the bags and accessories are waterproof and machine washable, and they are American made. It really doesn’t get better than that. Last month’s giveaway was so popular, we’ve teamed up with […]

Malvin + Joyce – Timeless & Iconic American Made Work Boots for Men


The Malvin + Joyce American made work boots were inspired by the quality and craftsmanship that came out of Chicago shoe factories.

How About an American Made Belt For Father’s Day? We love this one from Osmium.

American Made Belts From Osmium.jpg.jpg

I have said in many a post, you get what you pay for. That statement holds quite true with Osmium’s collections. I particularly love the brand’s Mobius Belt for its unique look. Despite being a minimalist design, the belt really stands out on its own and make’s for a long-lasting addition to any man’s wardrobe. Osmium’s […]

La Mer Collections Made in USA Watches

American Made Watches from La Mer Collections.jpg.jpg

I loved La Mer Collections made in USA leather wrap watches since I first spotted them on Second City Style in 2010. I couldn’t have imagined that a few years later I’d be a saying I am fashion editor and I’d be working with La Mer Collections through USA Love List! The world brings us many surprises and I’m certainly […]

American Made Fashion Giveaway From Jaleh Clothing: Enter to Win a $150 Shopping Spree

American Made Fashion Giveaway From Jaleh

I love practical fashion that doesn’t break the bank. It’s even better when you find American made fashion that’s affordable! I love Jaleh’s stylish collection. Lucky for our readers, we’ve teamed up with Jaleh for a chance to win a $150 credit to its online store. While the winner will get to select what they […]

Invest in American Made Leather Accessories Built to Last: A USA Love List Source Guide


Accessories are one of the best ways to update your wardrobe and add visual interest to your style.   A leather accessory is an entire category with the texture, durability and craftsmanship involved.   The Made in USA leather accessories we have curated are the work of designers who are proud of their original products.

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