Made in USA Summer Clothing for Kids

summer clothing for kids Made in USA

We all know that finding children’s clothes made in the USA can be a challenge. Finding SPECIFIC made in the USA children’s clothing items is even MORE challenging. With the temperatures rising and vacation on the horizon, my kiddos are in drastic need of summer clothing, especially beach gear. And so began my quest for American made UV protective beach wear for both my kiddos, boys’ summer clothes, and kids’ sandals.  Here is what I found.

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Made in USA Summer clothing for kids


Summer clothing for kids: American Adorn retailer of made in USA kids clothes
American Adorn is an online retailer of designer kids’ clothing ALL made in the USA. In fact, several of the brands you’ll spot on this list are available at American Adorn! American Adorn sells comfortable and trendy clothing for boys and girls in sizes 0-6x. Organic styles and brands are available as well.
Chasing Fireflies great selection of #madeinUSA kid's clothing 
Chasing Fireflies is an online retailer of children’s clothing. Bathing suits, shorts, T-shirts…Chasing Fireflies has a great selection of everything your child needs for their summer wardrobe. Enter ‘Made in USA’ in the search and then choose the size that you are in need of- from baby to size 16.

City Threads #madeinUSA clothing for baby and kids
City Threads manufactures underwear, shorts, tops, swimwear, all made in the USA.  Sizes run baby and up.

A great selection of 'made in USA' summer clothing for kids can be found at
CWDKids is an online retailer of children’s clothing. CWDKids has a ‘Made in USA’ tab on the top of the homepage and their clothing is clearly labeled.
Summer clothing for kids: Eddy & Scout kids clothing
Eddy & Scout items are created for the everyday adventures of kids and include pockets for treasures, soft fabric to move around in, and non-scratchy seams for comfort. All Eddy & Scout clothing for kids is manufactured in USA and is available in boy and girl styles is sizes baby 3m to kid’s 12. The girl in the cover photo is wearing an Eddy & Scout summer dress.

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GrUVY Wear rash guards #madeinUSA
GrUVy Wear is another mom started company- this one started by TWO moms- and it is based in California. GrUVy Wear manufactures UV protected swimwear for boys and girls sizes 3-14. FYI: GrUVy Wear also carries adult sizes.

Kepner Scott children's sandals #madeinUSA 
Kepner Scott Shoe Company has been making children’s shoes (size infant to 2 1/2) in the USA since 1888. The carry many styles of leather sandals for little girls- lucky for me my daughter is still in preschool sizes.

Max and Dora: Summer clothing for kids, made in USA
Max & Dora creates tops, bottoms, and dresses for girls sizes toddler to 12, all made in the USA. Since Max & Dora sells from manufacturer to consumer, prices are kept low and quality high. 

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#madeinUSA kid's summer clothing at Nordstroms
At Nordstrom, searching on ‘Made in USA’, then selecting ‘Kids Apparel’ or ‘Juniors’,  results in hundreds of items to choose from! When you search this way, you need to be certain to check the product details to confirm the country of origin, but we find Nordstrom to be among the very best for labeling.

ShirtsThatGo fun T-shirts for kids | Made in USA | Eco friendly inks
ShirtsThatGo high quality T-shirts are made and printed in the USA. The T-shirts themselves are available in  long or short sleeve and are made in the USA by American Apparel. The vivid, intensely detailed images are printed on each shirt using water based, Eco friendly inks. These fun T-shirts run small so order up a size for the perfect fit!


summer clothing for kids | Made in USA Tidepools Swimwear
Tidepools Swimwear UV protected swimwear is available in boys and girls sizes 2-14.I always get excited when I find American made clothing that runs in sizes for older kids and with BOYS styles at that! Tidepool board shorts for boys come in elastic waist and tie front.

Organic clothing for kids | Two Crows for Joy | Made in USA
Two Crows for Joy is the website to visit if you are on the hunt for American made organic clothing for baby (0-24m), boys (2t-8), and girls (2t-8). Adooka Organics, Two Crows for Joy’s own clothing line, is manufactured in a small factory in Philadelphia, PA.
American made clothing for kids | Winter Water Factory organic children's clothing
Winter Water Factory , based out of Brooklyn, makes high quality certified organic clothing for boys and girls. The sizes run from baby to size 6T. 

Summer clothing for kids Baby to Teen, made in USA


Have you found any children’s sandals manufactured in the USA?  Do you have a particular children’s item that you have been trying to find American made?

Cover photo curtesy of Eddie & Scout.


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  1. I love it that the Kepner Scott Shoe Company has been making children’s shoes in the USA since 1888… that’s a lot of shoes!
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    • I agree Susan got them for the kids i am a mom with 4 kids and a hardworking one but i tell you this i was at a boutique store in new york when i was visiting and i found this cool dress shirt by elie balleh after 4 washes it still looks good and inexpensive its worth looking into it

  2. very informative blog regarding the type of shoes for children during the seasons.

  3. Robin Wilson says:

    Sun protection for kids is so important and sometimes almost impossible to do. But I use UV protected clothing because of my Lupus with good results so I am going to check out GrUVy for my little niece!

  4. cool clothes

  5. Flap Happy products are the BEST!
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  6. Love that Vader shirt from Nordstrom

  7. Tim Terrillion says:

    we bought Kepner Scott sandals and saddle shoes,splendid Tops, city threads undies for the grandchildren, we love and they love them. We have also bought from Nordstrom and chasing fireflies, very nice clothing. We will have to try Flap Happy also. There is one more for Kids also, it’s called CWD Kids. As with all you have to check to see which one are made in USA.

  8. Maryann D. says:

    I think GrUVy Wear UV protected swim shirts are a great idea for kids and I would like this myself. All these companies seem like they have wonderful products.

  9. I have to say I’ve never heard of any of these companies, but I want to check out each one!! Made in USA for the best quality and help US workers!

  10. Maryann D. says:

    There are a lot of terrific Made in America clothing companies for children. I live in NY but never heard of Winter Water Factory , based out of Brooklyn. I will check it out.

  11. janelle knutson says:

    I like the fact that you have a list for kids clothes, but are there any companies that sell clothes in the larger sizes than those mentioned here? I am looking for clothes that can be played in and that don’t look like little adult clothes. I have checked out these sites and they just don’t fit what I am looking for. thank you

  12. I appreciate the tip in your article about doing a search for ‘Made in USA’ on the Nordstrom site. It’s good to know that their site allows you to search that way and that they are among the best at providing country of origin labeling. I know from experience that some shopping sites make it difficult to determine where items are made.

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