Made in USA Pet Products

This is important! Buy only American Made for your dogs, cats, and other pets. This is the place you'll find all of our articles mentioning American Made products for pets, including food, treats, toys, bed, and more.

Dog Supplies: A Made in USA Source Guide

A dog is not just a pet, but a member of the family, so why risk his or her health with exposure to unknown ingredients in toys or dog food made in China?  Don't compromise on quality for your pets. Make sure your dog has the best American made supplies. Our editors at USA Love List have been researching pet products for years now and here is a list of the made in the USA dog supply companies and products that we love. Don't worry, we didn't forget about cats! We have a list for that too. Visit our Made in...

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For the Birds: Feeding Wild Birds All Winter Long With Made in the USA Products

Did you know that the best time to feed American wild birds is the winter months? We've found some American made supplies and we're here to help you find out how to choose a bird feeder and decide which bird food to use. To raise their metabolic rate and help them stay warm, food with high fat and high calorie content is important to a wild bird's diet during this coldest time of the year. With the ground frozen and snow covered,  food with natural protein content, like bugs and worms, can be challenging to find. Now is the...

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Natural, American Made Pet Treats and Pet Food: Don’t Compromise on Your Companion’s Care

To many Americans, the word “pet” does not do justice to the spot our four legged friends have in our hearts. Our cats and dogs are members of our family and are treated as such. Those of us that have “fur children” and animal best friends know how important what goes into their bodies is to their overall health. Do you know what is in the food you give to your cat? Do you read the labels of your dog's treats? What do you really know about your pet food and treats? Important Update: The FDA has launched an ongoing investigation...

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Dog Treats: A Made In USA Source Guide

The FDA reports that over 600 dogs have died and thousands of other cats and dogs have gotten sick after eating dog treats made in China. Please, save and share this list of American made dog treats.  Don't Compromise on Quality for your Pets This is one area where you can find everything you need for your fur friends, made by companies you can trust, made in the USA. If you can't find something you need for your pet: food, treats, beds, toys, ask us and we will point you to pet products you can trust. Don't miss Dog Supplies...

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Don’t forget the Dogs and Cats: Made in the USA Gifts for Pet Lovers and Pets

Don't forget the furry members of your family this holiday season! We have put together a list of made in the USA gift ideas for your four legged friends and for the people who love them. For more American made gift ideas for pets and pet lovers, don't miss our source lists for Made in USA Cat Supplies, Made in USA Dog Supplies,  and American made Dog Treats. American made gifts for pet lovers and pets All-natural dog treat maker, Blue Dog Bakery, is bringing its well-loved seasonal flavors back by popular demand for holiday 2017 with Pumpkin and Gingerbread flavors...

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