Dog collars made in the USA give comfort to your dog and peace of mind to you. They’re made with the highest quality materials on the market and made by people (usually dog owners) who know what a dog needs to feel safe.

Whether you’re shopping for small dogs or your favorite large dog breed, training collars, or stylish prints for the diva dog, shop dog collars that are made in the United States.

American Made Dog Collars

What to Look For


You’ll find safe, sturdy dog collars made from a variety of materials. The most popular include leather, hemp, nylon, polyester, and BioThane.

Leather is a natural material. Look for full-grain leather for toughness and durability; American leather tends to be better quality, and avoid “genuine leather,” as these collars are inferior. Leather collars are more expensive, and you’ll need to treat them with a leather conditioner every so often.

Hemp is a natural fiber. It makes eco-friendly dog products that are also hypoallergenic, so they’re great for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. Hemp is also eco-friendly, making it an environmental-friendly choice.

Tough nylon webbing is also good material from which to make dog collars, but some dogs are allergic to this material.

Polyester collars are the least expensive, but they have a strong webbing, they tend not to last as long. If you want to accessorize your best friend with a variety of collars, giving your pooch a stylish look, this might be a good choice. The companies on our list that use polyester webbing in their dog collars utilize the strongest you can find.

BioThane is polyester webbing that’s covered with a PVC coating. It has a leather look and a little bit of a sheen, and it’s very hard-wearing and waterproof.

You’ll also want to buy high quality hardware. In particular, look for American stainless steel or solid brass hardware, as they hold up best and are the industry standard in metal fittings.

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Tensile Strength

Tensile Strength refers to the amount of stress or load a material can handle before it stretches and breaks. In dog terms, it refers to the pulling strength your dog has. Canines have a pulling strength higher than their weight. All the US-made dog collars we recommend have appropriate tensile strength for your dog.

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Dog Collar Styles

Believe it or not, that cute color or pattern on your dog’s collar isn’t the most important quality to look for as you search for a high quality dog collar. Above all else, you should consider the different styles of dog collars, because some of the styles carry different functions and shouldn’t be worn all day.

Standard Collar

A standard collar is simply that: a collar your dog can wear all the time. Also called a buckle collar, it’s not used for training purposes; rather, it holds your furry friend’s ID tags, and it’s fashionable. If your dog is leash trained, she can wear a standard collar on a walk. However, if your dog isn’t leash trained or likes to jump and tug when she’s on a leash, choose a leash made for controlling behavior. I learned this the hard way when my son’s 90-pound lab saw his friend at a distance. I couldn’t keep him from pulling, and he injured my shoulder!

Breakaway Collar

Breakaway collars are designed to release when pressure is applied at an angle or if the collar gets twisted. This collar style is patented by Chinook & Co, LLC, a made in the USA company. You can read about them below. Sadly, though it’s difficult to think about, strangulation occurs, so you you’ll find peace of mind while you’re away from your pet when you consider a breakaway collar.

Martingale Collar

A martingale collar is a style of collar originally made for dogs that have small heads and thick necks, such as greyhounds. However, many people use this style of collar when they’re leash-training dogs. Your dog should NOT wear a martingale collar all the time, as it’s made to tighten. As a result, it might become a choking hazard to your dog if it gets a paw, toy, or stick stuck in it. It’s a looping collar with a second, smaller loop and D ring that keeps your dog from backing out of the collar. Be sure to measure your dog properly for a martingale collar. Measure the widest part of your dog’s head; the neck just behind the ears; and the neck where the collar sits.

Smart Collar

A smart collar is a catch-all phrase for a dog collar that has some sort of electronic component for tracking or training capabilities. It might be a collar that tracks your dog’s location, provides certain signals for training purposes, or is part of a containment system that keeps your dog in your yard. While some of these smart collars are designed in America, none is made in America.

Slip Collar

A slip collar is made out of a braided material that simply slips over a dog’s head and onto his neck. This collar type is used in dog shows and should not be left on an unsupervised dog.

Head Collar

A head collar wraps around a dog’s muzzle. It’s used to leash train a dog and teach it to heel. It allows for positive reinforcement instead of punishing the dog for wrong behavior.

Tactical Collar

A tactical collar is used on dogs for military training purposes. Although most any dog can wear a tactical collar, they’re made of the toughest and strongest materials. They also feature a handle and either a metal buckle or double roller buckle.

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How to Measure Your Dog’s Neck

With a fabric tape measure like that which a seamstress might use, wrap the tape around your dog’s neck where the collar will comfortably rest. The collar should sit against his neck but not be tight; you don’t want to restrict your pet’s airway. Generally, you should be able to fit two fingers between his collar and neck. Measure twice for accuracy.

Why Buy An American-Made Dog Collar?

Besides the fact that dog collars made in the USA involve attention to detail and use of superior materials, here are a few other reasons you want to choose an American-made dog collar:

  • These companies employ American workers at a fair wage
  • The dollars generated stay in the USA and support local economies
  • Production involves environmentally friendly processes
  • The businesses support non-profit organizations, namely, dog rescue or adoption agencies
  • You receive personal care.

Dog Collars Made in the USA

Do you know of a company that makes dog collars in the USA but isn't on our list? Leave a comment below, and we'll check it out! As always, thank you for buying American-made!

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