Choose only the best American-made toys for dogs. These toys are safe for your furry friends because they’re made with safe materials.

Best Dog Toys Made in the USA

Picture these scenarios: You’re working from home, and you’re in the middle of a Zoom call when your furry friend decides he needs attention.

You’re cleaning up all the spilled rice in your kitchen when your energetic dog saunters in for a tug-of-war game, sending the rice deeper under your appliances and cabinets.

You come home from a long run or day at work, only to find your bored dog has completely unwound the toilet paper roll.

Being dog parents isn’t always an easy task. As much as you love your pet, you still have a life and can’t give him 24/7 attention when he’s sometimes asking for it.

Instead of feeling guilty, hiring a pet sitter, or punishing your friends for their destructive behaviors, give some thought to the dog toys you choose.

Well-chosen dog toys are a great way for pet owners to provide the mental stimulation dogs need. Whether they’re suffering from separation anxiety, exhibiting problem behaviors, or just need some much-needed interactive play, the best dog toys can help ameliorate these problems.

USA Love List has come up with some top picks in a variety of sizes and types of toys. Whether your friends want squeaky toys or a plush dog toy, small size toys, or large size toys, you’ll find the perfect dog toys that yield excellent results both for your choosy canine and for you.

As always, the best option for your dog is a toy made in the USA.

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Why Choose Made in the USA Toys for your dog?

I have a small dog, Macy, who means the world to me. I became alarmed when Macy recently developed a cyst on her chin. For a couple of months, we would apply a topical ointment the vet gave us until it healed…only to return again a couple of weeks later. After about four months of this process, I started to wonder if her dog chews had something to do with it. After reading the label on the package, I discovered these chews were made somewhere other than the USA, and they had questionable ingredients. For those reasons, I stopped giving them to her. Within a month, that cyst disappeared and has yet to return.

My dog’s health had been compromised due to the chews I was giving her: chews made somewhere other than the USA. That was a difficult lesson for me to learn because Macy suffered from my choice.

Now, everything she puts in her mouth, from her food to her treats, from chews to her toys, comes from American makers. Even now as I write this post, she's enjoying her favorite toy from one of the companies we list below.

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Non-Toxic Materials

Although there are no official regulations surrounding dog toys made in the USA like there are dog food and children’s toys, some American manufacturers voluntarily choose to follow these same guidelines for dog toys. That means the dog toys we recommend do not have toxic materials such as BPA, lead, arsenic, formaldehyde, PVC, and more.

And even though made in America doesn’t necessarily translate into manufacturers not using toxic materials, you will find them to be transparent. If you’re unsure about what to buy, contact the manufacturer directly.

Choose stimulating but safe dog toys made in the USA for when your dog is alone.


We once owned a Jack Russell Terrier who LOVED shredding objects to get rid of her boredom or nervous energy. We quickly learned to give her toys she wouldn’t chew and swallow. Some toys are hazardous because your pet can choke on them, either by shredding or by chewing on small pieces. On the other hand, choosing from our list of American-made dog toys greatly diminishes that possibility. Many USA dog toy manufacturers simply are aware of this danger and choose to find better ways of making them.

Other Reasons for Buying USA-Made Dog Toys

Whenever you buy from any American manufacturer, you’re helping another person receive a paycheck. That’s always good. I live among the Amish who relentlessly pursue their Old Order ways with their small businesses. I go out of my way to buy from them. Each time I do, I help them maintain their way of life.

Another reason I choose USA-made is for customer service. These workers are personable, kind, and ready to help. If an issue arises, it’s good to know I can contact and talk to a real person instead of robots.

A final reason is because of the mutual care and respect we dog owners feel toward our pets. Generally speaking, those of us in America who own pets do so out of love and companionship. We all want what’s best for our own sweet, furry canines, and that includes giving them safe toys to play with.

A Final Note of Caution

No dog toy is completely indestructible. Choose toys based on your dog’s size, age, and playing habits. Inspect the toys regularly. If damage occurs, recycle and replace.

Without further ado, let’s get to the list of the best dog toys made in the USA!

Best American Made Toys for Dogs

Do you have a favorite American-made dog toy for when your dog is home alone that we didn't list? Leave a comment with a link, and we will check it out! As always, thanks for buying made in the USA.

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