Remember Cyber-Monday? At this busy time of year, it seems like a distant memory.  It was the day you were supposed to have ordered all of the gifts online that you didn't find in stores on Black Friday.  So by now, all of your gifts are long since selected, received, and wrapped so you are just relaxing by the fire at this point.  Oh really?  No?  Yeah, me neither.

I confess that I still have a few gifts to buy and today is the day.  I also confess that I'll do anything to avoid going into stores during the week before Christmas.  I'm feeling pretty confident though because I am a huge Amazon shopper.  No one is paying me to say this – it is the truth. Ask my neighbors to look out the window at my front porch for proof. I love Amazon because it gives me such a huge selection from companies big and small. I also love it because their shipping is so darned reliable, better than any other online retailer, period. I am a longtime Prime member, and a person can get used to having the things they need show up, with free shipping, precisely two days later (or one, for a very reasonable shipping fee).  One thing I don't love at all about Amazon is how hard it is to get information on the country of origin of their products. That's why I have done all of the work for you in researching, selecting, and placing items into the USA Love List shop. I've also made several holiday gift guides full of mostly Amazon-available American-made items.

I'll be making my final gift selections today. With Amazon, I feel confident that I could even wait a couple more days, but I don't want to stress myself out. If you want to shop locally, I'm all for that too. I recently heard about a site and iPhone app called Goodzer which allows you to enter the name of a product and your zip code to search for your item in local stores. So feel free to use our great made in the USA ideas at your local shops as well. For your convenience, I am listing all of our recent 2011 gift guides all in one place.  Making it easier to buy American is what we're all about.


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