If you love to eat, and you love to eat well, you know that great meals start with the best ingredients and involve the right equipment. It takes time to acquire all the essentials for a complete gourmet kitchen, especially if you are trying to find the best Made in USA options out there. From the amazing Blendtec blender, to the best coffeemaker and gourmet foods, we found outstanding American made gifts for the foodie you're sure to love. 


If you haven’t heard about Sweet Jules Caramels, you’re absolutely missing out. This Minnesota-based company, run by two sisters, was born from a long line of chefs and foodies, and it only takes indulging in their caramels to know that they have good taste and talent. Sweet Jules offers flavors that you’d expect from a caramel company, like Salted Caramel and Vanilla Bean, but they also have more unique offerings like Beer & Pretzel and Bananas Foster. With variety like this, there’s really no palate that won’t be pleased by these sweet treats.

Our personal favorite was Fleur de Sel, Dark Chocolate, and Salted Pecan, which has a buttery caramel base, dark chocolate top, and chunks of salted pecans sandwiched between the two layers. We loved these caramels for their homemade taste. We also appreciated their polished packaging, which includes a fun color-coated flavor chart so you drown in the caramel possibilities, making it perfect for gift giving and sharing with others. If our descriptions aren’t swaying you, take a look at the drool-worthy photos, which will definitely leave you wanting to satiate your next sweet tooth hankering with a box of Sweet Jules Caramels.

Sweet Jules American Made Caramels - Made in Minnesota

American Made Gifts for the Foodie

For the Everyday Cook

As a self proclaimed foodie and cook, I know the right equipment when cooking.  Alfi High Performance Kitchen Knives are strong, razor-sharp and cut very well. I love using them everyday. These knives are made in the company's family owned, lean facility in California.

High performance, made  in USA, Alfi all purpose 12 piece knife set$30 (originally $45) with code “USALOVE” at checkout. Or 25% off all knives with code USALOVE.

American Made Knives from Alfi | Gifts Under $30 For the Cocktail Lover | Alfi Coupon Code LoveList


Lodge Manufacturing Company‘s cast iron products are everlasting ones.  Their line offers everything you need for oven and stove top cooking, grilling, and a wide variety of baking products. These made in USA cast iron pans are a great way to ease into the joy and ease of cast iron cooking. The brand makes all its goods in Tennessee.

For the True Cook

American Made Blender From Blendtec for $250 via USALoveList.com
I use my Blendtec at least once a day. From smoothies, bulletproof coffee, cocktails, or dips and sauces, there's always a reason to utilize this blender.

For the Entertainer

Simple, elegant, and sure to last a lifetime, the Warther Cutlery and Wendell August collaboration offers two-hundred years of combined craftsmanship and family heritage. These two American made brands come together to offer a modern collection of cutting and serving boards. Each of the eleven boards in the assortment is hand cut and accented with beautiful hand hammered metal. The boards are offered in Maple, Walnut, or Cherry and are accented with either aluminum or copper forged metal accents. Perfect for entertaining, gift giving, or as a work of art to hang in your kitchen, these boards can be used in many ways.

American Made Cutting Boards From Warther's | Gifts for Her | Lifelong Wedding Gifts to Give

American Made Dinnerware from Fiesta | Perfect For Everyday Use and Entertaining
Perfect for everyday use or entertaining, Fiesta Dinnerware standouts with huge range of colors for coordinating or mixing and matching. Homer Laughlin China Co has been manufacturing timeless Fiesta dinnerware collection in West Virginia for over 100 years. The Entertainment Set is serving guests and family and friends, a like. It includes cobalt, lemongrass, lapis, turquoise trays with a sunflower bowl.

For the Tea Lover

Get organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade tea through Plum Deluxe Tea of the Month Club. Each month Plum Deluxe sends a hand-blend, fresh, special limited-edition tea for tea club members only. One of the brand's signature blends, Oregon Black Breakfast Tea, featured below, is made with black and honeybush tea, orange peels, and hazelnut essence, which offers anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits. This unique tea blend offers balanced tastes with deep, mellow, citrus, and nutty flavors from the black tea, honeybush, orange peels, and hazelnut essence, respectively.  Plum Deluxe tea blends are blended by hand in Portland, Oregon and make a perfect American made gift for the tea loverOrganic Non-GMO, Fair Trade Tea from Plum Deluxe | Tea Club of the Month | Gifts for Tea Lovers

For The Bone Broth Enthusiast

Nona Lim makes excellent bone broths and I cannot begin to tell you how flavorful these gluten-free, non-dairy broth bases are. My personal favorite of the broths is the Thai Curry and Lime broth. It's made with all organic, non-GMO ingredients, including vegetable broth, coconut cream, lime juice, chicken broth, fish sauce, organic cane sugar, and kosher salt, dried chilis, and lemongrass. The broth has a balanced yet complex flavors and bursting with taste from the lemongrass and lime. Pair it with leafy greens and your choice of protein to make a complete gluten-free meal. Buy them online at Nona Lim or find them at your local Whole Foods Market. 

Nona Lim Dairy-, Gluten-,Soy-, GMO Free Bone Broth

For The Coffee Connoisseur

American Made Coffeemaker From Aerobie via USALoveList.com
For anyone who loves their caffeine jolt, Aerobie Aeropress, made in California, is a must have. I’m really picky about my coffee and the Aeropress makes a great cup of coffee or espresso, depending on how strong you like your coffee. You won’t be disappointed with your cup o’ joe if you use Aeropress. It’s also perfect for traveling too, because it’s so compact. Don't forget about the coffee lover on your gift list– they will love the Aeropress.

For the Cheese Connoisseur

Gourmet Foodie Gifts from Cabot Cheese Coop - American Made via USALoveList.com
I love Cabot cheeses for their creamy texture and nutty flavor. They make great snacks by themselves, or for a complete appetizer to serve with other food pairings. If you're looking for a cheese to have on hand, the Clothbound Cheddar is a perfect choice. It was took first place at the American Cheese Society in 2013.Cabot Cheese is a cooperative owned by 1,200 farm families. The milk for the Clothbound Cheddar, shown below, comes from Kempton's Farm in Peacham, Vermont.

For the Health Conscious  

Survive the Holiday Soupure Cleanse includes 22 organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, handcrafted, nutrient dense, fiber rich drinkable soups and smoothies to replace 2 meals during this 11 day during this day program. The soups are rich in flavor, low on guilt, and designed to satiate. 15% off with code USALOVE.

Whole30 Approved Sauces and Salsa from Yai's Thai - 20% off Code USALove
It's never a bland moment with Yai's Thai's Paleo, Whole30 approved, and gluten-free hot sauces and salsas. We love that Yai's Thai uses simple and healthy ingredients without sugar or artificial ingredients. Yai means grandmother in Thai, and this line of Whole30 condiments used traditional Thai ingredients for unique, bold and zesty flavors that pair well with everything from eggs to fish and beef. The hot salsa packs quite a punch. It's the perfect balance of these simple ingredients, tomatoes, onions, ginger, cilantro, garlic, organic lime juice, sea salt, thai chilis, and black pepper. I love the ginger, cilantro, lime add to the salsa; it makes for a unique and refreshing salsa, unlike any I've had before. USA Love List reader can enjoy 20% off Yai's Thai with the code USALOVE.


For the Honey Connoisseur

Gourmet Foodie Gifts from Savannah Bee Honey - American Made via USALoveList.com
Savannah Bee Company Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve is the best of the best. There is absolutely no better honey to be had. This honey is so unique in flavor, with notes ranging from bold maple notes to soft caramel flavors and intense gingerbread spices. I love to pair this honey with a mild cheese to complete, and not overpower, the honey.


For the Ice Cream Connoisseur

Ice Cream We Love, By Region, Including Salt and Straw Goat Cheese, Marionberry Habenero
Join Salt & Straw's Pints Club to get flavors like Goat Cheese Marionberry Habanero shipped direct to your door. You may have read how much I loved this flavor in my Ice Creams by Region feature, but if not, this flavor is really the perfect mix of flavors – tangy, sweet, and spicy. The goat cheese offers a creamy, tangy taste, while the sweetness of marionberry and heat of the habanero are a delicate end on your tastebuds. Salt & Straw makes its ice cream out of Portland and Los Angeles.

For the Cocktail Enthusiast

 Crown Maple Organic Maple Syrup from Family Farm in Upstate New York
Bring your maple syrup out of the cabinet for more than just your weekend pancakes. If you're looking for exquisite flavored maple, look no further than Crown Maple's artisan-crafted, estate-produced, certified organic, and 100% pure certified. The maple is harvested from trees from an 800 acre family farm in upstate New York. It comes in various flavors including vanilla, cinnamon and applewood smoked. If you're looking for different intensities, try the other Bourbon Barrel Aged, Amber, Dark, and Very Dark. Crown Maple's syrup the perfect gift for anyone who loves creating new recipes, or someone who simply loves great maple syrup.

For the Nut Butter Enthusiast

 Big Spoon - Limited Edition Peanut Butter and Peanut Hazelnut Butter Made with Jacobsen Salt and Bee Honey
Big Spoon Roasters makes handcrafted nut butters from scratch with ingredients sourced directly from like-minded producers who share a dedication to authentic quality. In this first-time collaboration, Big Spoon is combining three company's best crafts, North Carolina grown peanuts from Big Spoon, pure salt crystals straight from Oregon’s cold waters from Jacobsen Salt Company, and artisan micro-batch neighborhood honey from hives across Oregon from Bee Honey, to produce two limited edition nut butters that represent the best of each brand's respective regions. The two new Limited Batch nut butters, with a signature coarsely milled texture, are available in a special 2-pack via Big Spoon Roasters.  Crunchy, flavorful, with the perfect amount of sweetness, this nut butter pairs perfect with crunchy fruits like pears and apples.

For the Pasta Lover

 Artisan American Made Gifts - Sfoglini Past of the Month Club via USALoveList.com
Not all pasta is created equally. Sfoglini makes over two dozen pasta varieties, including season favorites. These pastas are the perfect texture and perfect for soaking in the flavors of the sauce you pair with them. Seasonal varieties vary and are infused with saffron, porcini mushrooms, and cocoa powder, to name a few options. Sfoglini is a Brooklyn based producer of small batch, freshly extruded pastas made from some of the finest organic American grown semolina flour. If you love pasta, you have to try Sfolgini.

For the Pâté Lover

 American Made Foodie Gifts - Les Trois Petits Cochons Organic Pate Gift Tray - Made in Brooklyn
Les Trois Petits Cochons, which means three little pigs in French, actually started in the heart of New York City in 1975 as a small charcuterie shop and has been hand making its gourmet food products in small batches there ever since. I love Les Trois Petits Cochons Organic Pâté Gift Tray because you get to enjoy three different pâté varieties. High-quality ingredients you can read and recognize are what makes this pâté flavorful and rich. If you're not sure if you like pâté, start with Les Trois Petits Cochons since it's the best. You'll thank us later.

For the Seafood Lover

Fish Caught in America - Seafood Kits from Fishpeople - Sustainable Fish Along the American Coasts
More often than not, the seafood you’re getting from the store is from overseas and isn’t fished sustainably to the detriment of our oceans. Fishpeople, a B corporation, is on a mission to change that by catching only wild, sustainable fish along the American coasts for their kits that make whipping up a restaurant-quality seafood dish a breeze! In addition to the pure portions of fish free from GMOs, chemicals, and artificial anything, each kit comes with a chef-crafted topper, a step-by-step instruction card for foolproof results every time, and a tracking code to learn how each fish landed on your plate. It's like a background check for your meal that includes the name of the fisherman who hauled your fish onto his or her boat, the boat’s name, and the region and water conditions from which each fish came. Pretty cool, right?!

Maine Lobster Tails from Get Maine Lobster - Support Our Nations Fisherman via USALoveList.com
If you love lobster, you're going to love tender, juicy, sweet lobster tails from Get Maine Lobster. The folks there know their seafood, and they have excellent customer service. Direct from the rocky coast of Portland, Maine, their lobster and seafood is hand-selected and each purchase supports the community of Portland. All you have to do is order it online, and they will ship it right to your doorstep, overnight.

For The Wine Lover

Wine Gifts Under $30 - Grassracks Floating Wine Rack Made from Bamboo
Grassracks' Floating Wine Rack allows the opportunity to uniquely display a worthy 750 ml wine bottle. This gorgeous bamboo floating wine rack always draws attention and sparks conversation. It's a practical, beautiful and eco-friendly gift. All Grassracks' products are finish with Vermont Natural Coatings, another American company that makes high-quality wood finishes from whey protein, which is a byproduct of making cheese, making it a true foodie gift. The product is made outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in Malvern.

Food Finds For Everyone

The best and most flavorful ingredients are key to cooking a memorable meal. Here are a few finds I always have on hand, and love to share with others.

Gourmet Foodie Gifts American Made via USALoveList.com
Tava Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee is perfect for those who love flavor, and are looking for a lactose-, gluten-free butter alternative for baking. This organic ghee is made with grass-fed butter and infused with pure Madagascar vanilla bean. It comes in Original, Himilayan Sea Salt, and Green Chili too.


Palm Island Red Gold Sea Salt - Harvested in Hawaii
I love Palm Island Hawaiian Red Gold Sea Salt. The salt is harvested in Hawaii and a small amount of harvested reddish Hawaiian clay gives the salt its color. It is non-processed and rich in naturally occurring trace minerals found in clean, natural sea water. My favorite uses for it are on top on bread and butter, or on grilled meats and fish.


Tessemae's Gluten Free All Natural Dressing
If you’re looking for Paleo dressings, or the best dressing for that matter, look no further than Tessemae’s. Their dressings and ketchup are drinkable – they're that good.  It’s the perfect all-natural, hand crafted, sugar free, gluten free, vegan dressing. The base of all of their dressing, except the oil free ones, is olive oil, so the flavors really stand out. I like to use the dressing on salads or as a meat marinade. I love the fact that Tessemae’s only uses natural ingredients to make their dressings. They offer classics like Southwest Ranch and Lemon Garlic, along with a Maryland inspired Lemon Chesapeake flavor, true to the company’s Annapolis roots. Find them at your local Whole Foods, or online.


American Made Gifts For The Wine Lover Including John and Kiras Chocolate Dipped Figs From Philadelphia | USA Love List
If you are looking for a sweet treat to pair with your wine, I’d suggest John & Kira’s chocolate covered figs. I’m salivating at the mere thought of them; they are a sinfully delicious treat. These Calabacita figs are filled with whiskey infused Valrhona dark chocolate ganache and then hand-dipped in 62% dark chocolate at the company’s store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Do you have a made in the USA foodie gift to suggest? Add it in the comments below!

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. 


Image Credit: Warther Cutlery

American Made Gift Ideas for the Foodie