Crystal Body Deodorant is a USA Love List favorite.  Together we have given away a year's supply of deodorant before and by popular demand, we're doing it again. You can read a bit about the company's history on our first giveaway.  It's a story that embodies the power of the American dream.  Crystal Deodorant now contributes to the American workforce and economy with products in more than 35,000 stores. Learn more and enter to win.

How Crystal Body Deodorant Works

The mineral salts in the Crystal Deodorant create a layer of protection from odor causing bacteria.  The bacteria does not thrive in the environment of the mineral salts.

They offer naturally scented and unscented.  All options are hypoallergenic.

There are no harmful chemicals.



There are many natural deodorant options on the market.  I find Crystal to be the most similar to everything we have come to love in traditional deodorant but without the chemicals.  They offer easy and convenient packaging.  Their deodorant is never clumpy and dries clear.   Crystal also has a nice light scent available, not heavily saturated in essential oils just to mask body odor.  The addition of a light scent is perfect with the formula that wards off the odor causing bacteria.


The winner of the Crystal Body Deodorant will receive a year's worth of deodorant.

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There are a variety of entry options including opportunities for multiple daily entries. Good luck!

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