USA Love List editors have been on the hunt for alarm clocks made in the USA for years. We have searched high and low for digital alarm clocks, analog alarm clarks, and made in USA wind up alarm clocks. Did we find any? We let you know below.


USA Love List editors searched high and low for alarm clocks made in the USA, and we found no digital alarm clocks, and no wind up alarm clocks that are American made. We only found one American made alarm clock by Chelsea Clock Co.

There are several reasons for why it is so hard to find American made alarm clocks. First, digital alarm clocks are the type of alarm clocks that the majority of consumers look to purchase and the parts needed for digital clocks are not made in the USA. Also the cost of manufacturing an alarm clock in the USA is high, so the price of an alarm clock manufactured in the USA would be more than the average consumer would want to pay.

Chelsea Clock Co Square Desk Alarm Clock

The Chelsea Clock Co. Square Desk Alarm Clock is crafted in the USA from forged solid brass. The time piece is German quartz movement. This alarm clock can be engraved and makes a luxurious gift.

ChelsMade in USA Alarm Clocks: ea Clock Co alram clock


So there might only be one alarm clock manufactured in the USA, but we have found other similar American made items that are.

Made in USA Clocks

We only found one alarm clock, but we found a whole source list full of other types of clocks made in the USA! Don't miss The Ultimate Source List of American Made Clocks which includes mantle clocks, grandfather clocks, and wall clocks too, all American made.

Made in usa clocks: wall clocks and more!

Made in USA Watches

Our source list of time pieces for the wrist includes made in the USA watches for men and women. It includes sports watches, dress watches and luxury watches. A watch will never go out of style.

Made in USA watches and watch bands

Do you know of an American made alarm clock brand that we have missed? Let us know in the comments below, and we can add it to this list! We update this post often and we will continue searching for an American made alarm clock manufacturer!

Are there any alarm clocks made in the USA? We did the hunting so you don't have to! #alarmclocks #clocks #usalovelisted #madeinUSA

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