Updating your bathroom with American made household goods is inexpensive and space transforming. A bathroom is a place where we typically begin and end our day.  It should be relaxing, organized, and well suited to your needs.  Most bathrooms are small spaces and require functional decor to maximize the space and keep it usable.  We have five inexpensive bathroom updates that can do just that using American made household goods.

5 Inexpensive Bathroom Updates with American Made Goods

Towels (look for 1888 Mills) – Using towels, you can add color, texture, and warmth to your bathroom.  A worn out towel can make the bathroom look a mess and drag it down.  Replacing old towels is an instant renewal that gives a crisp and clean look.  Not to mention, having high-quality towels feels good.

bathroom towels | bathroom decorating

Candles (try Archipelago) – Scent is powerful.  Stepping into a room with an aroma that makes you feel relaxed is an instant mood changer.  Good scents feel clean and inviting.  Candles are another way that you can incorporate color.

Don't miss our source list of American made candles.

candles | updating your bathroom

Baskets (my source is Colonial Mills) – You can keep your space free of clutter by organizing things in baskets.  It will save time and look unified.  Baskets are a functional way to decorate, in the bathroom functional decor is nearly essential.

bathroom organizing | funtional decorating

Rugs (I found Chenille Creations Rugs–  A practical way to bring your bathroom together.  A rug is a finishing piece.  The room feels complete when the floor is clean and rugs are in place.

bathroom rug

Paint (I like Behr Paint) – The best and biggest impact by way of color.  A smaller space such as a bathroom isn't terribly time-consuming to paint.  The cost of paint is so little for a lasting and large payoff.

American made paint - gray paint

Updating your spaces in your home can be daunting.  Simple, inexpensive updates are an ideal way to satisfy your decorating needs.  A great starting point when working on your home projects is to buy American made – eliminate the endless shopping and focus yourself with some buying guidelines.

Have you found some American Made ways to update your home? Share it with us in the comments below.

Inexpensive bathroom updates | American made decor | bathroom decorating

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