Liberty Tabletop Flatware will be the only flatware you will buy! Won't it be wonderful to use forks, knives, and spoons every single day that are so well made in the USA? These pieces make perfect wedding and anniversary gifts too. Learn more about Liberty Tabletop made in the USA flatware below….

Made in New York, Liberty Tabletop Flatware

Made by Sherrill Manufacturing in New York state, Liberty Tabletop is the ONLY flatware available that is still manufactured in the USA. Liberty Tabletop stainless steel flatware is made from domestically sourced steel that is 8 to 10 percent nickel and 16 to 18 percent chromium. Unlike stainless steel used in foreign flatware manufacturing, Liberty Tabletop guarantees that the metal mix in their stainless steel does NOT contain lead, mercury, or any other toxic metals that we don’t want in our mouths.

Here is what we love about Liberty Tabletop Flatware:

  • The entire collection is manufactured in the USA
  • Made in New York under safe conditions and fair wages
  • Made with tested lead-free, mercury-free, domestically-sourced stainless steel
  • A variety of unique patterns are available to suit every taste
  • Pieces are designed and built to last for generations

Liberty Tabletop Flatware made in USA

Liberty Tabletop Flatware items make great gifts! Liberty Tabletop also sells other high-quality kitchenware items like dishware, drinkware, pots & pans, and more…all made in the USA.

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Liberty Table Top: Steak Knive Sets

Liberty Tabletop offers steak knife sets in both their Lux and Heritage Lines. From classic styles such as Betsy Ross to contemporary designs like Weave, you’re sure to find a steak knife set you'll love. Match your flatware pattern or choose a new look. Liberty Tabletop steak knives are designed with a hollow handle, allowing for better balance upon holding and cutting into your steak and other favorite meats! They are also 100% made in the USA from 18/10 stainless steel.

The Deluxe Steak Knife Set is a beautiful presentation of their Steak Knife Set of Six in a solid wood Liberty Tabletop Exclusive Chest.  The Knives feature their best blade with the special steak knife serration and 18-10 hollow handle construction.Steak knives made in USA: Liberty Tabletop Flatware

The steak knife chest fits six steak knives and is made from solid mahogany wood. This beautiful wooden chest that perfectly stores and displays the steak knives is also made in the USA by the American Chest Company. The Liberty Chest serves as both a handy storage box as well as handsome presentation for the knives when serving buffet style.  Both Knives and Chest are 100% Made in the USA!
Steak Knives made in USA: Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife Set with Storage box


Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife Set of 6 with Chest

The Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife features a beautiful hollow handle knife that is perfectly balanced. The blade is serrated in a way that does not require sharpening. Perfect for cutting through that juicy steak or ripe vegetable! 

The Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife Set of 6 with Chest comes with six made in USA steak knives and a handcrafted wood storage chest, also American made. 

Liberty Tabletop Steak Knife Set Giveaway
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