In today's digital world we can connect with anyone we want, anywhere we are. Internet, social media, laptops, tablets, cellphones….it seems like  every year some form of new technology is added to the list to make this connection stronger.  But here's the question: is the family unit suffering in the long run?

I will admit, right this moment in my house, I am on my laptop, and the hubby is on his. Meanwhile, our kiddos are taking turns watching their favorite cartoons over and over and over again thanks to Netflix.  Today, at this moment, we are 100% plugged in. However, we make it a point to balance these times out, and step away from our separate technological vices to spend time together, “unplugged” from the world around us.

American Made Finds for Screen Free Family Fun

Play cards

For over 125 years, Bicycle brand playing cards have been made in the USA. There is fun for all ages in a simple deck of playing cards- Go Fish, War and Old Maid for the younger kiddos and High Lo Jack, Euchre, Rummy, for the older ones. Want to learn a new game or forgot the rules to old favorites? They have a game list on the Bicycle website.

Department stores, like Target or Amazon, carry a great selection of new card games, such as a Star Wars themed card game that are made in America. Don't forget to check your labels. You might be surprised!
Screen Free FAmily Fun: Cartamundi card games #usalovelisted

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Work on a puzzle together

There is a wide selection of Jigsaw puzzles that are made in the US. One of our favorites are the family puzzles made by Springbok Puzzles. Family puzzles contain 3 different piece sizes in one puzzle and are great for different ages and skill levels to work on a puzzle together.

Screen Free Family Time: Springbok Family puzzles #usalovelisted
White Mountain Puzzles, made in New Hampshire, are fun and colorful jigsaw puzzles that the whole family will enjoy putting together.

Play board games

Remember board games? Those things we used to play together as kids before everyone had video games? There are still board games made in the USA. For younger kids there are Memory and Candy Land. Games for older kids get a bit trickier when looking for completely made in the USA. The more pieces to the game, the more likely parts are made in other countries. Monopoly is made in the USA, with dice and tokens made in China, and Clue is made in the USA with dice, tokens and weapons made in China. This is all on the box labels, and the way I see it-  some jobs in the USA are better than none.

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Work on crafts together

Ok, another trip down memory lane and I am going to show my age now, but remember Shrinky Dinks?? I loved Shrinky Dinks when I was a kid and they are still made in the USA. Shrinky Dinks, shrinkable plastic can be used to make things like key chains, ornaments and jewelry- all great projects for crafters of all skill levels.Screen Free Family Fun Time: Shrinky Dinks #usalovelisted

Colorations Activity Paints  are non toxic, water based and made in America. Coloration paint can be used by a toddler for finger or sponge painting and by older kids for painting wooden or clay creations.

Screen Free Family Fun with American made products we love

What are some of your family's favorite things to do together? Did you find board games or craft supplies that you love that are made in the USA?