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Made in USA Socks: The Ultimate Source List

Socks are an easy and inexpensive way to support American made business. We have lots of options. We're sure there's something for everyone in your family. USA Love List readers looking for made in USA socks, you've come to the right place. Check out exclusive discounts, and even FREE sock offers. We found made in USA socks starting under $10, so buying American made socks is just another easy way to support our economy! Fashion Socks for Him and Her This Night is a new business dedicated to making beautifully designed and milled socks in Reading, Pennsylvania. Kate T. Williamson,...

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Sarah’s Picks: 30 American Made Gifts Under $30

My, have we had fun with this series. I've been collecting my favorite American made gifts under $30 for quite a while. This is the fourth one we've published, so by my count, that's 120 affordable Made in USA gifts. Don't miss Tracey's, Angie's, and Jill's lists. 30 American Made Gifts Under $30: Sarah's Picks Ticket Peppermint Artisan S'mores Kit, $22 My go-to pick this year is basically anything from Mouth.com, a site which supports indie food, drink, and tasty gifts from American makers. Who wouldn't be excited by this artisan s'mores kit, made in SanFrancisco, featuring hand crafted...

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For Him: Fashionable Gifts For Father’s Day or Any Occasion

Buying for men can be so stressful. I never know what to get for my father or uncle when it comes time to buy them something. When Father's Day rolls around my dad always tells me how he doesn't need anything. While it may be true, I would love to create an outfit so he looked a bit more “hip”. My dad is a creature of habit and likes to stick to clothing he's been wearing for decades!  I think it's a guy thing. (Does this sound familiar to anyone else?) When it comes to style for him, I...

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Zkano Sale: Shop American Made Socks For The Entire Family

Zkano‘s made in USA socks are made in Fort Payne, Alabama, the former sock capital of the world. You may have seen our most recent feature about the brand when they celebrated five years in business last October. Gina Locklear, Zkano founder and owner, has a really powerful story. Her grandmother knitted socks in the 50s at the first sock mill that opened in Fort Payne back in 1907. She also had 3 uncles in the sock business and 1 cousin, all of whom lost their mills due to outsourcing in the late 90's and early 2000's. Gina wanted to continue with the family...

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Made in USA Socks, Zkano Celebrates Its Fifth Year In Business #ViaStories

Zkano‘s made in USA socks are made in Fort Payne, Alabama, the former sock capital of the world. They just celebrated five years in business last week, on October 27th. We're proud to share the story of their founder,  Gina Locklear, through a recent Q & A. Q: In the early 90’s (is this right?), your parents started their own sock company. Tell us about what you remember most vividly during this time. A: Yes, we started making socks in 1991 and my parents started our company, Emi-G Knitting, from the ground up. Though I was just entering my teenage...

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