Yes, it IS possible to find American made gifts for kids under $10! Here are USA Love List's top picks.

10 American Made Gifts for Kids Under $10

1. K'NEX building kits
K'NEX sets make great gifts for kids who love to build.  My kiddos both LOVE K'NEX and the pieces (made in Pennsylvania) fit with LEGOs pieces (NOT made in USA).  Make sure to check out our K'NEX review! Don't miss American Made Gifts for Kids That Like Legos. 

Gifts for Kids $10 or Less; K'NEX building kits #madeinUSA

2. The Audubon Bird Call
For the kid that loves nature, the Audubon Bird Call makes a perfect gift! This bird call is handmade in New England and though it does not imitate a specific bird, it creates tweets and chirps that birds recognize and respond to.

Audubon Bird Call, Gifts for Kids under $10 #madeinUSA

3. Books
Give the gift of reading this year and purchase a printed in the USA book.  The Magic Tree House series is one of my son's favorite book series. We started reading the books together when he was 6. Now he is 8 and is finishing up the series- which has over 50 books in it!

4. Slinky
The Slinky has been found under Christmas trees since the late 1940s. This classic toy is still made in the USA, Pennsylvania to be exact.

Gifts for kids under $10 | Made in USA Slinky

5. The Pet Tornado
Do you have a kiddo that is begging for a pet? The Pet Tornado is the easiest and cheapest pet to care for EVER! We have had one for over a year now, and it LOVES to visit school on show and tell days. The Pet Tornado is made in the USA by TEDCO Toys. Check out my review of other American made TEDCO Toys products here.

Pet Tornado, Made In USA Gifts for Kids Under $10

6. Stacking Cups from Green Toys
For the baby or toddler on your list, the Stacking Cups from Green Toys makes a great gift. All Green Toys items are made in the USA from recycled milk jugs. Don't miss American Made Baby Toys, Toddler Toys, and Preschool Toys: The Ultimate Source List for more gift suggestions.

Gifts for kids under $10 | Stacking Cups from Green Toys

7. Road Tape
When I spied the made in the USA Civil Engineer Tape, I KNEW it was the perfect gift for my nephews! This road tape sticks on carpets, floors, pretty much any flat surface. I can't wait to see photos of the road mazes they create!

Road tape #madeinUSA Gifts for Kids Under $10

8. Card Games
Kids of all ages love card games, and if you might be surprised to see that many popular card games are American made-  UNO, Farkle, and the Melissa & Doug's 3 Game (Old Maid, Go Fish, Animal Rummy)Set.  Can't decide on which game to get? Stick to classic playing cards, as Bicycle brand playing cards have been made in the USA for over 125 years.

9. Aerobie throw rings and boomerangs
For the tween and teens on your list, Aerobie manufactures a variety of throw rings, discs, and boomerangs that are sure to get the kids outside. Aerobie is featured in American Made Outdoor Toys and Games We Love.
Gifts for kids under $10 | Aerobie throw rings made in USA

1o. Piggy Paint Nail Polish
Piggy Paint Nail Polish is the only nail polish that my daughter wears. Not only is it made in the USA, but it is also non-toxic, cruelty free, Eco friendly and virtually odorless.

Gifts for Kids under $10 | Made in USA Piggy Paint nail polish

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American made gifts for kids all under $10!

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