Welcome to The Mountain State!

We're celebrating the storied craftsmanship in the things we love made in West Virginia.

West Virginia is the only state that resides entirely in the Appalachian Mountain region. The mountainous terrain is breathtaking, and the indigenous peoples, along with the immigrants who settled there, know how to live off the land. They also know how to make beautifully crafted items, from food to furniture, musical instruments to blown glass and dishes.

Handcrafted and Made in West Virginia

You can purchase many of the items online, but we also invite you to visit the stores of the places we're listing. The owners have stories to share and a love for what they do. Their knowledge of their craft instills a deeper appreciation for what you're buying.

The Mountain State is home to some items that remain one of the very few places you can buy certain products made in the USA.

The world-famous Greenbrier Resort uses mattresses from Imperial Bedding in Huntington, West Virginia, on all its beds.

West Virginia is “Almost Heaven”

While you're visiting, you have to go whitewater rafting. If you're adventurous, come in late summer when the rapids are world-class, fast, and furious. Come anytime for the slow rapids that you'll gently meander over. You'll find yourself humming “Country Roads” after you catch your breath from the excitement and beauty.

Things We Love Made in West Virginia

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